Season 2
Greenhouse Academy
12 EPISODES • 2018
Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy was released on February 14 and consists of 12 episodes.

Season 1


1: Escape Mechanism
Feb 14, 2018
Flashbacks reveal a discovery that teenage Ryan made at the Greenhouse and an order given shortly before the Athena launch. Brooke is led into a trap.
2: The Client
Feb 14, 2018
During a quiz game, know-it-all Aspen grates on Hayley's nerves and Brooke suffers a strange lapse in memory. Max misses Emma and tries calling her.
3: A Day Off
Feb 14, 2018
When Aspen's jealousy gets the better of her, Leo tells her they need to talk. Judy and Marcus trigger a test quake and get unexpected results.
4: Meant to Be
Feb 14, 2018
Under the sea, Hayley experiences something that changes how she thinks about her mom. Believing the world is ending, Parker blurts out a confession.
5: Surfing Lessons
Feb 14, 2018
Sophie finds herself shunned by all the Eagles -- except for one. Daniel gets a hunch as to who might be influencing Brooke's recent behavior.
6: The Workshop
Feb 14, 2018
After catching his mom in lie, Daniel compares notes with Hayley. Aspen makes a slip that shocks Leo. Jackie is tricked into confessing a past misdeed.
7: The Spiral
Feb 14, 2018
Hayley and Daniel attempt to dehypnotize Brooke. Max and Jackie start to see a common thread behind all the strange events surrounding Emma.
8: More Than a Hunch
Feb 14, 2018
Brooke tells Daniel and Hayley the last things she can remember before being hypnotized. Marcus makes a decision that stuns Louis and infuriates Judy.
9: A Born Leader
Feb 14, 2018
Leo awakens in the cave. During dinner with their parents, Brooke and Daniel carry out a plan to get Emma's white knight chess pieces from Jason.
10: Kyle
Feb 14, 2018
When Hayley tells her brother and friends the big news, they argue over whether to take action. Max and Jackie are caught trying to contact Emma.
11: Bad Decisions
Feb 14, 2018
While Daniel and Alex stall for time at the basketball game, Hayley sneaks into the cave and Max gets help from an unexpected ally.
12: Home
Feb 14, 2018
As time runs out on a bomb designed to destroy the cave and the rest of the Greenhouse, the students in the gym must get past police to make a rescue.
Season 3
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