Season 3
4 EPISODES • 2019
Season 3 of Dope was released on June 28 and consists of 4 episodes.

Season 2


1: The Devil's Oldest Trick
Jun 28, 2019
Camera crews examine fentanyl's impact on addicts and how overwhelmed customs agents are striving to stop the flow. Also, a Boston dealer talks money.
2: God, Forgive Me for This
Jun 28, 2019
A large shipment of cocaine is transported from rural Colombia to bustling Madrid. Smugglers beware: Police may be waiting to pounce.
3: No Face, No Case
Jun 28, 2019
As dealers and smugglers take advantage of addiction in Los Angeles, law enforcement agents search for drugs on both land and sea.
4: This Isn't Miami Vice
Jun 28, 2019
In the port city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, cocaine kingpins employ fearsome hitmen to intimidate and silence suspected informers.
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