Chef's Table
Season 2

Volume 1

Apr 26, 2015

Season one serves up intimate visits with six of the world’s greatest chefs in their restaurants from every corner of the globe.

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1: Massimo Bottura
Apr 26, 2015
By blending Italian tradition and artful modernity, chef Massimo Bottura's Osteria Francescana has been ranked the third best restaurant in the world.
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2: Dan Barber
Apr 26, 2015
Celebrated chef, dedicated farmer and food industry revolutionary Dan Barber is leading a fight to change the way we think about, and grow, our food.
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3: Francis Mallmann
Apr 26, 2015
From isolated Patagonian islands to French Michelin three-star restaurants, chef Francis Mallmann celebrates his wild, open-fire cooking style.
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4: Niki Nakayama
Apr 26, 2015
In her award-winning Los Angeles restaurant N/Naka, Niki Nakayama brings equal parts creativity, passion and expertise to her kaiseki cuisine.
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5: Ben Shewry
Apr 26, 2015
New Zealand chef Ben Shewry's strong connection with nature and dedication to finding new tastes have made his Australian restaurant Attica world famous.
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6: Magnus Nilsson
Apr 26, 2015
Far from any city, far from most fresh ingredients, chef Magnus Nilsson has created one of the world’s great restaurants in frozen Järpen, Sweden.
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