Volume 2
Love, Death & Robots
8 EPISODES • 2021
From wild adventures on far-flung planets to unsettling encounters close to home: The Emmy-winning anthology returns with a crop of provocative tales.

Season 1


1: Automated Customer Service
May 14, 2021
If your home-cleaning unit is attempting to murder you, please press 3.
2: Ice
May 14, 2021
Two brothers far from home join genetically "modded" locals in a deadly race.
3: Pop Squad
May 14, 2021
A cop charged with fighting the scourge of overpopulation is haunted by the human toll of his work.
4: Snow in the Desert
May 14, 2021
Every bounty hunter in the galaxy wants a piece of Snow.
5: The Tall Grass
May 14, 2021
During a journey across the prairie, a man becomes transfixed by distant, ghostly lights.
6: All Through the House
May 14, 2021
On Christmas Eve, two kids tiptoe downstairs to catch a glimpse of Santa. A twisted tale for adults only.
7: Life Hutch
May 14, 2021
After crash-landing on a craggy planet, a pilot makes his way to shelter, only to face a threat within.
8: The Drowned Giant
May 14, 2021
The body of a colossal young man washes ashore and becomes an object of fascination for the locals.
Season 3
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