Project Mc²
Season 5

Season 6

Nov 7, 2017

Teenage spy McKeyla teams up with three other super-smart girls to become secret agents who use their science and tech skills to save the day.

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1: Stone Acres Is the Place To Be
Nov 7, 2017
The girls act fast and use their skills to name a suspect when someone threatens to sabotage a state-of-the-art urban development.
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2: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Nov 7, 2017
A new theory emerges as the girls turn their attention to the school dance -- and having dinner at Bobby Stone's cutting-edge "smart" home.
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3: Zorro Dark Thirty
Nov 7, 2017
A familiar face from McKeyla's past steps up to help as her family connections to the case grow clearer. And "Bry-ence"? Well, it's bigger than ever.
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4: Water from a Bobby Stone
Nov 7, 2017
While the girls dig for more information on Bobby Stone, Adrienne and Ember make a surprising discovery about Stone Water -- and where it comes from.
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5: Family Affair
Nov 7, 2017
The girls suit up to make a scene at the Stone Water-sponsored Young Voices Awards, where McKeyla and Kyle finally talk face to face.
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