Project Mc²

Season 5

Sep 15, 2017


1: If You Fail on Mars Can Anyone Hear You Scream
Sep 15, 2017
The girls try to stop an intruder from stealing a prototype from Space Inc. When things go awry, McKeyla begins to doubt her sleuthing skills.
2: Nanobots, Souffles and Gray Goo, Oh My
Sep 15, 2017
McKeyla, Bryden and Adrienne discover a dark side to the nanotechnology prototype. Cam and Ember make a brainy new friend at Destination Mars Camp.
3: Bad Air Day
Sep 15, 2017
McKeyla homes in on a surprising new suspect: Camryn's dad! Meanwhile, Ember and Cam wonder if fellow camper Gordon is up to something.
4: Totally Marble Nailed It
Sep 15, 2017
Devon uses art to help Bryden and Adrienne work through their differences. McKeyla has a difficult talk with Kyle about their relationship.
5: Gray Goo on the Loose
Sep 15, 2017
The girls finally learn who's responsible for stealing the prototype. But is it too late to stop the evil mastermind's plot?