Season 2
Project Mc²
6 EPISODES • 2016
Season 2 of Project Mc² was released on August 12 and consists of 6 episodes.

Season 1


1: Back to Basics
Aug 12, 2016
The four girls are demoted back to basics after they make a big deal out of saving the prince in the previous season. They are not allowed on any mission, even as a suspicious figure, Carson Lazarus, a criminal mastermind, is released from jail. Soon after, a figure who calls themselves "Retro" causes all technology to malfunction and glitch in Maywood Glen.
2: No Laughing Matter
Aug 12, 2016
The Quail allows the four girls to figure out this case. McKeyla becomes increasingly suspicious of Kyle, but soon dismisses the idea of him being Retro just because he knew she liked fro-yo and was wearing a black hoodie, very much like the one Retro wears. They also suspect Devon D'Marco, a troublemaker, as she spray-paints handcuffs on a picture of a drone on a poster about the upcoming launch. All four girls except Bry, who has to babysit, make ways to get detention on Saturday with Devon. Bry runs a vocal recognition as Cam and Adri confront the troublemaker and McKeyla looks through her bag. Devon is proven to be innocent, just using the school's 3D printer to make skulls for her nana's birthday.
3: Trashed
Aug 12, 2016
When a new point of evidence involving HAVOC points to Carson Lazarus, Adrienne and Bryden comb through her trash looking for clues.
4: Dam Fine Mess
Aug 12, 2016
Bryden analyzes Retro's voice, which gives the girls a new idea about his or her identity; and they need to use their wiles when a blackout threatens to delay their investigation.
5: Bye Bye Birdie
Aug 12, 2016
Retro sets a trap for the girls, which causes the Quail to advise them to leave town.
6: Mission Totally Possible
Aug 12, 2016
When the girls learn about the Quail and McKeyla's super-secret plan to infilerate HAVOC, they enlist some new friends to help out with the mission.
Season 3
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