Season 4
Dawn of the Croods
24 EPISODES • 2017
Season 4 of Dawn of the Croods was released on July 7 and consists of 24 episodes.

Season 3


1: A Few Good Grugs
Jul 7, 2017
Accused of stealing the valley's food stash, the Croods are allowed a "try-all" to prove their innocence.
2: A Valley Shine Day
Jul 7, 2017
Kevin gives Thunk tips on attracting girls.
3: Chalk the Line
Jul 7, 2017
Eep tricks her parents into letting her go to a grown-up party.
4: Weighting Is the Hardest Part
Jul 7, 2017
To win back the title of Hefty Hunter, Grug seeks the help of a personal trainer.
5: Wrestlebabia: The Musical
Jul 7, 2017
Sandy expresses her frustrations about being treated like a baby by breaking into song.
6: Flowers for Munk
Jul 7, 2017
Grug helps Munk get his job back with an IQ-boosting worm.
7: They Might Be Sky Giants
Jul 7, 2017
While unconscious, Eep has a life-changing vision.
8: The Grugest Story Ever Told
Jul 7, 2017
Afraid he's no longer respected as valley leader, Grug enlists Thunk to perform his life story.
9: Worms of Endearment
Jul 7, 2017
Lerk's plan to save her worm playmates from becoming bait spirals out of control.
10: Dr. StrangeGrug or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spear
Jul 7, 2017
Grug introduces his new invention to Ahhh! Valley: the spear.
11: Tunnel of Terror
Jul 7, 2017
Eep drags her friends into Ahhh! Valley's Tunnel of Terror to see if it lives up to its name.
12: Creature from the Crood Lagoon
Jul 7, 2017
A mysterious creature saves Thunk from drowning.
13: Voice Fail
Jul 7, 2017
When Grug loses his commanding voice, he and Ugga search for it. Meanwhile, Eep gets carried away while acting as the valley leader's spokesperson.
14: Punch-Thunk Love
Jul 7, 2017
After finding out Thunk is in love with Blurg Brood, Eep tries to interest him in a new girl.
15: Nay Boors
Jul 7, 2017
Ugga attempts to drive away selfish neighbor Snoot.
16: Caverns and Creepers
Jul 7, 2017
Eep's love of competition and destruction ruins Thunk's teamwork-based game.
17: Rad Teacher
Jul 7, 2017
Squawk gets fired and is replaced by a very different kind of teacher.
18: Grug's First Chance
Jul 7, 2017
Grug stumbles on an easy way to solve feuds as valley leader.
19: Furry Road
Jul 7, 2017
Thunk narrates a documentary on one of Ahhh! Valley's many creatures: the bearowl.
20: My Big Fat Gran Wedding
Jul 7, 2017
To win a bet, Gran decides to marry Mow.
21: The Strutting Edge
Jul 7, 2017
Ahhh! Valley's kids compete in the Beasty Pageant to see who best poses, calls and struts like an animal.
22: Can't Hardly Bait
Jul 7, 2017
To graduate with their pals, Thunk and Womp take Squawk's crash course.
23: Crood Detente
Jul 7, 2017
Without asking the other residents, Grug makes a peace deal with the Broods.
24: This Is an End
Jul 7, 2017
A fast-approaching asteroid headed toward Ahhh! Valley leads the residents to make hasty moving plans, but Grug insists he can defend their homeland.
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