Always a Witch
Season 2

Season 1

Feb 1, 2019

Season 1 of Always a Witch was released on February 1 and consists of 10 episodes.

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1: A Leap in Time
Feb 1, 2019
While being burned at the stake in 1646 Cartagena, Carmen -- a witch and slave -- time travels to the future to save both herself and the man she loves.
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2: A University Witch
Feb 1, 2019
Suspicious of Alicia, Carmen follows her to a college class, where she tries to fit in as a student in a strange world of cellphones and social media.
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3: Ouija
Feb 1, 2019
Carmen tries to reach Aldemar via a Ouija board. Instead, a ghost who can't remember who he is appears. In the past, Cristóbal asks Aldemar for help.
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4: Stolen Shadow, Witch Forgotten
Feb 1, 2019
A preventive step is taken to protect Carmen from Lucien, but it ends up affecting her memory, personality and maybe even her sanity.
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5: The Festival of Candela
Feb 1, 2019
While her friends look for her, a lost and disoriented Carmen runs into someone from her past. Jhony Ki discovers how to communicate with Cristóbal.
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6: The Ritual of Forgetting
Feb 1, 2019
A text message on León's phone upsets Mayte. Carmen's heartbreak makes her lose control of her magic powers. Cristóbal secretly meets with Aldemar.
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7: Lucien
Feb 1, 2019
With her friends' help, Carmen tries to break the spell cast upon Mayte by rekindling León's ardor. Later, she learns Lucien's alternate identity.
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8: 1646
Feb 1, 2019
After Carmen returns to Cristóbal in 1646, Aldemar travels to the present and confronts Lucien. Mayte struggles to recall what happened after her date.
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9: The Time Portal
Feb 1, 2019
One of Carmen's friends travels to the 1600s to bring her back, just as she gets caught planning a slave rebellion. Esteban faces a difficult decision.
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10: The Final Trip
Feb 1, 2019
In a final showdown, Carmen attempts to lure the Fire Killer into a trap, but an ambush awaits her. Jhony Ki receives a rare and precious gift.
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