Spirit: Riding Free
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Season 9

Oct 18, 2019

Season 9 of Spirit: Riding Free was released on October 18 and consists of 4 episodes.

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1: The Frontier Fillies Summer Outdoor Jubilee
Oct 18, 2019
Lucky's competitive side comes out at the Frontier Fillies' Summer Outdoor Jubilee when the PALs meet the BUDs -- a group of talented young rivals.
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2: The Frontier Fillies Great Legacy Race
Oct 18, 2019
The PALs are determined to place first in a race for the coveted Frontier Fillies Legacy Pin. But the BUDs are willing to do anything to win.
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3: The Healing Tree
Oct 18, 2019
While riding back to Miradero, the girls get lost -- and Abigail's horse gets bitten by a snake! Can an old friend's skills help save the day?
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4: The Mystery Of The Golden Unicorn
Oct 18, 2019
After finding a majestic horse in the wild, Lucky and the girls set out to solve the mystery of where she came from -- and where she truly belongs.
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