Spirit: Riding Free

Season 3

Mar 19, 2018


1: Lucky and the Long Way Home
Mar 19, 2018
Spirit is a wild animal, but he hates the thought of being apart from Lucky -- so he'll do whatever it takes to get back home to her.
2: Lucky and the New Governor
Mar 20, 2018
A mare in Spirit's herd is about to give birth. Lucky signs up Abigail and Pru for Prescott Charm School so they're prepared for the Governor's Ball.
3: Lucky and the Risky Rescue
Mar 21, 2018
The girls set out on a dangerous trip to help a seized Tuckapaw teenager escape from a speeding train and get back to his faithful horse.
4: Lucky and the Field Trip Fraud
Mar 22, 2018
Lucky's classmates call her “teacher's pet,” so she vows to cause trouble on the upcoming field trip.
5: Lucky and the Shaky Day
Mar 23, 2018
A railroad bridge is destroyed by an earthquake, so Lucky and her pals need to alert the passengers on a train that'll be there at any moment.
6: Lucky and the Golden Opportunity
Mar 26, 2018
Lucky and the gang find gold, so they recruit Julian, Lucky's sly cousin, for help, but their potentially huge cash-out goes awry.
7: Lucky and the Lion
Mar 27, 2018
With the help of Lucky and her friends, Aunt Cora gets back in the saddle to ready herself for a ride. Meanwhile, Spirit's herd is endangered by a nearby mountain lion.