Spirit: Riding Free
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Season 11

Sep 4, 2020

Season 11 of Spirit: Riding Free was released on September 4 and consists of 9 episodes.


1: Back to the Starting Line
Sep 4, 2020
As a new term begins, Maricela and her horse, Mystery, arrive at the academy to join Lucky, Pru and Abigail for the school year.
2: The S. S. Friend-ship
Sep 4, 2020
After the PALs encourage Maricela to make new friends, she forms the exclusive "Poshy Posse" with Priya, Sahir and Alex.
3: The Gavel of Justice
Sep 4, 2020
Someone stole Bebe's gavel and used it to break a window at the academy! Everyone seems to suspect Alex ... but Pru is certain he's innocent.
4: The Rival Racer
Sep 4, 2020
A swift new recruit joins the school racing team, putting Lucky's dreams of riding out front in jeopardy. Pru and Abigail clash over a class project.
5: Palentine's Day
Sep 4, 2020
The PALs make plans for the Valentine's Day dance, then pivot to scare off a group of raiders who've come to rob the headmaster's vault.
6: Grandpa's Treasures
Sep 4, 2020
In the wake of her grandfather's death, Lucky sets out to show the town his softer side and give him the goodbye he deserves.
7: There Will Be Mud
Sep 4, 2020
Big Oil is bringing big improvements to the school. But new track stables, an upgraded veterinary lab and dorm rooms come at a cost — and spark disaster.
8: Race to the Finish (1)
Sep 4, 2020
The girls get summer jobs to help Lucky repair the sprawling house she inherited from her grandfather near the Rosemead Valley Racetrack.
9: Race to the Finish (2)
Sep 4, 2020
Determined to save her family home, Lucky signs up to race as a wild card in Rosemead's elite Junior Cup. But winning it all won't be easy.