Season 1
The Good Cop
10 EPISODES • 2018
Season 1 of The Good Cop was released on September 21 and consists of 10 episodes.


1: Who Framed the Good Cop?
Sep 21, 2018
A man is found murdered in the park, and only two people in the world could have done it: TJ or his father.
2: What Is the Supermodel's Secret?
Sep 21, 2018
A stunning supermodel is infatuated with Big Tony -- much to TJ's befuddlement. Meanwhile, a killer in disguise has the police hopping for clues.
3: Who Is the Ugly German Lady?
Sep 21, 2018
After escaping from prison, Big Tony's old buddy moves in -- disguised as a woman. Meanwhile, TJ suspects the escapee of murder.
4: Will the Good Cop Bowl 300?
Sep 21, 2018
A cold-blooded murder is always shocking -- but not nearly as shocking as TJ's sudden and inexplicable rise to bowling league glory.
5: Will Big Tony Roll Over?
Sep 21, 2018
Big Tony volunteers to testify at a high-profile trial in order to stay at a swanky hotel with his special lady, all on the government's dime.
6: Did the TV Star Do It?
Sep 21, 2018
When a major TV star's assistant is found murdered, the two Tonys disagree about whether her celebrity employer has something to hide.
7: Who Killed the Guy on the Ski Lift?
Sep 21, 2018
After a cop is stabbed on a ski lift, TJ risks the ire of his fellow police officers -- and his dad -- to prove the accused's innocence.
8: Will Cora Get Married?
Sep 21, 2018
Cora falls head over heels for a handsome stranger, but TJ isn't too keen on their budding romance. Big Tony finally identifies Connie's killer.
9: Why Kill a Busboy?
Sep 21, 2018
Against his better judgment, TJ helps his dad open a restaurant. Cora investigates two shooting victims with a surprising connection.
10: Who Cut Mrs. Ackroyd in Half?
Sep 21, 2018
TJ and Cora get a nightmare of an undercover assignment: pose as husband and wife. Meanwhile, Big Tony closes in on Connie's killer.
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