The Hook Up Plan
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Season 2

Oct 11, 2019

Season 2 of The Hook Up Plan was released on October 11 and consists of 7 episodes.

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1: The Homecoming Plan
Oct 11, 2019
After a blissful four months, Elsa announces her return to Paris. But she has mixed feelings about reconnecting with the old gang.
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2: The Llama Plan
Oct 11, 2019
Milou and Charlotte give Max a makeover, Julio catches a big break with his music, and Elsa stumbles deeper into a double life.
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3: The Backup Plan
Oct 11, 2019
When Elsa's lies come back to bite her, she vows to tell her friends the truth. But a surprise bachelor party upends everyone's day.
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4: The Pick-Up Plan
Oct 11, 2019
Elsa begs her friends for forgiveness, Milou dips her toe into a confusing new world, and Charlotte finds her business on the brink of disaster.
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5: The After Plan
Oct 11, 2019
After the city announces the winner of the barge contract, Elsa drops another bombshell. Meanwhile, a rendezvous turns into a wake-up call for Julio.
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6: The Love Plan
Oct 11, 2019
A sudden revelation brings the whole gang together for a day of celebration, mischief and romantic mayhem.
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7: The Lockdown Plan
Nov 6, 2020
When their plan to spend COVID-19 quarantine together unravels, the friends grapple with the challenge of being cut off from each other — and the world.
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