Season 3
8 EPISODES • 2018
Evie must come to terms with her feelings for Dylan, just as his relationship with Abigail gets more serious. Meanwhile Luke struggles in his new quest for love and Angus faces the reality of marrying someone he barely knows.

Season 2


1: Andi and Olivia
Jan 1, 2018
Dylan and the group attends Abigail's Literary Festival. Meanwhile Evie feels jealous that herself and Dylan had years to figure things out, while him and Abigail seem to be doing just fine. Evie moves in with Luke.
2: Bonnie
Jan 1, 2018
Dylan forgets to cancel Evie's hen party. The gang, along with Evie's cousin, spend the afternoon soap-making, and at karaoke.
3: Abigail (Part 3)
Jan 1, 2018
The love triangle between Dylan, Evie, & Abigail comes to a climax, while Luke is looking for love in a nightclub.
4: Evie
Jan 1, 2018
Dylan, Luke & Angus all experience complications in their love lives.
5: Martha
Jan 1, 2018
A surprise party for Dylan's parents brings out a buried secret. Luke gets lost while Angus finds a kindred spirit.
6: Queen of Cups
Jan 1, 2018
Luke is forced to confront his feelings about Jonesy at a fair. Angus examines his past relationships.
7: Tasha
Jan 1, 2018
Dylan stumbles across the last name on his list - his ex, Tasha, who is opinionated to say the least.
8: Evie (Part Two)
Jan 1, 2018
At their college reunion, Evie and Dylan encounter a ex-boyfriend of Evie's. Luke tries to avoid dealing with his feelings. Angus concocts a plan to look more accomplished to his former college friends.
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