INDY: Part 1
Last Chance U
8 EPISODES • 2018
The acclaimed series shifts to Independence Community College in Kansas, where a tough-as-nails coach attempts to rebuild a struggling program.

Season 2


1: We Expect
Jul 20, 2018
After decades of losing, Independence Community College looks to brash coach Jason Brown to develop a winning culture and recruit talented athletes.
2: Humble Your Pie
Jul 20, 2018
After the rough season opener, Coach Brown questions his D1 transfers. Malik and Carlos face tough love as they fight to meet expectations.
3: Jimmys and Joes
Jul 20, 2018
Bad blood with his old boss fuels Brown's fire as the newly confident Pirates welcome defending national champion Garden City to Independence.
4: Get Outta Dodge
Jul 20, 2018
Despite ICC's winning streak, tensions start to boil over as Brown gets fed up with his players and coaches before and during a game in Dodge City.
5: Out of State
Jul 20, 2018
Brown and his players open up about their upbringings and how their relationships with family -- positive and negative -- shaped who they are today.
6: Neewollah
Jul 20, 2018
The team prepares to play during the town's big annual festival. Bobby struggles to overcome frustration. An ICC student writes a song for the team.
7: Abracadabra
Jul 20, 2018
As the Pirates get ready for a shot at a conference title, recruiters from four-year schools visit and players scramble to get their grades in order.
8: Dust in The Wind
Jul 20, 2018
As a game against rival Coffeyville caps off the regular season, the ICC players and coaches reflect on the season and weigh their next moves.
Season 4
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