Season 2
The Life & Times of Tim
20 EPISODES • 2010
Season 2 of The Life & Times of Tim was released on February 19 and consists of 20 episodes.

Season 1


1: Tim's Beard
Feb 19, 2010
Tim finds that growing a post-breakup beard can have unexpected workplace consequences.
2: Unjustly Neglected Drama
Feb 19, 2010
Tim suffers through a bad play in order to help Stu score some pot.
3: The Comeback Sermon
Feb 26, 2010
Looking for a place to crash, Tim ends up with the Priest, who's about to give his first sermon since being suspended for having a girlfriend.
4: Atlantic City
Feb 26, 2010
Tim, Stu, and Rodney run into a stripper version of Amy while playing hooky in Atlantic City.
5: Legend of the Month
Mar 5, 2010
A female firefighter takes undue credit for saving Tim's life.
6: Marie's Dead Husband
Mar 5, 2010
Tim becomes the scapegoat for a co-worker's deception.
7: The Girl Scout Incident
Mar 12, 2010
Tim figures out a way for a Boy Scout troop to make Girl Scout-sized profits.
8: Rodney Has A Wife
Mar 12, 2010
Rodney suspects his wife, Rochelle of cheating on him with a hockey player he admires.
9: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Gone Wild
Mar 19, 2010
An uninsured Tim gets medical attention from a womanizing doctor and a suicidal sales rep.
10: Amy's Got a Gun
Mar 19, 2010
Tim and Bashko pay for Amy's vigilantism.
11: The Salty Jazz
Mar 26, 2010
The Boss joins his "bros" - Tim, Stu, and Rodney - for a night out at an uptown jazz club.
12: Jews Love to Laugh
Mar 26, 2010
Amy's Jewish "work husband" has buyer's remorse after buying Tim's favorite Irish bar.
13: Nagging Blonde
Apr 9, 2010
Tim goes to the races and finds inspiration from Amy.
14: Elephant
Apr 9, 2010
Tim upsets an elephant trainer when the circus comes to Manhattan.
15: Debbie's Mom
Apr 16, 2010
Debbie becomes a palm reader and informs Tim of his fate in Staten Island.
16: Escape Artist
Apr 16, 2010
During a corporate retreat in Coney Island, Tim ruins the career of an escape artist.
17: Personality Disorder
Apr 23, 2010
Tim's Halloween costume is misinterpreted.
18: Stu is Good at Something
Apr 23, 2010
Stu discovers he is an excellent table tennis player and uses his newfound skill to attract women.
19: London Calling
Apr 30, 2010
Tim loses his job when the Chairman of Omnicorp flies in from the UK.
20: Novelist
Apr 30, 2010
Tim befriends a well-known novelist, who inspires him to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer.
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