Season 2
Russian Doll
7 EPISODES • 2022
After enduring the wildest night of their lives — over and over — Nadia and Alan stumble into another bewildering existential adventure.

Season 1


1: Nowhen
Apr 20, 2022
Nadia's 40th birthday is a few days away, and she's planning to celebrate it quietly with Alan. Then something really strange happens.
2: Coney Island Baby
Apr 20, 2022
While hopping around the city searching for missing Krugerrands, Nadia runs into a familiar face who lends her a hand.
3: Brain Drain
Apr 20, 2022
Nadia learns an intriguing fact about the family fortune that sends her on a quest for clues — and her situation takes a bizarre new turn.
4: Station to Station
Apr 20, 2022
Alan gets in touch with his roots in Berlin. On a trip to Budapest, Nadia and Maxine wind up at a mind-bending house party.
5: Exquisite Corpse
Apr 20, 2022
Nadia tracks down the stolen valuables and formulates a plan to secure her family's future. But she comes to a grim realization.
6: Schrödinger's Ruth
Apr 20, 2022
After the weirdest subway ride yet, Nadia navigates a puzzling predicament. Meanwhile, Alan desperately tries to find Nadia.
7: Matryoshka
Apr 20, 2022
On Nadia's birthday, she and Alan reunite in a familiar place. But they clash over how to handle the future (and the past).
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