Season 3
Tales from the Crypt
14 EPISODES • 1991
Season 3 of Tales from the Crypt was released on June 15 and consists of 14 episodes.

Season 2


1: Loved to Death
Jun 15, 1991
In Los Angeles, the aspirant screenwriter Edward Foster from Indiana has a crush on his neighbor Miranda Singer. However, the bimbo Miranda is an aspirant actress and gold digger and does not give attention to Edward. His unrequited love calls the attention of his creepy landlord Mr. Stronham that offers Edward a love potion to seduce Miranda. Will the potion work?
2: Carrion Death
Jun 15, 1991
A sadistic serial killer has unforeseen complications when pursued by a determined motorcycle cop in a barren desert.
3: The Trap
Jun 15, 1991
Indebted unhappy married couple, Lou and Irene, commit a life insurance fraud. Lou's brother Billy helps him fake his death and leave for Mexico. But Irene and Billy fall in love and when Lou returns, they claim they don't know him.
4: Abra Cadaver
Jun 19, 1991
Carl and Marty are siblings who work at a hospital. Carl shows Marty his new way of proving that the brain lives after the body dies. The whole thing turns out to be a prank but the shock of the joke gives Marty a heart attack. Years later Marty hasn't forgiven Carl and plans a deadly revenge. Marty then reveals that it was an act of revenge on Carl and the whole thing was a joke ... or was it?
5: Top Billing
Jun 26, 1991
Barry Blye is a frustrated actor who will do anything to get a part. He's been rejected by every acting company because he doesn't have the right look. Bad luck follows him all over. First his girlfriend breaks up with him. Then he's kicked out of his apartment. Then his old rival Winton Robins, who has ""the look"", gets a part in a weird theater's production of Hamlet. Barry goes into a frustrated rage and strangles him to death to take the part. He is shocked when he learns that the theater is really a mental hospital.
6: Dead Wait
Jul 3, 1991
Red is a low life crook who is looking for a black pearl. He finds that it's on a island belonging to an ailing millionaire. He plans with the millionaire's mistress to steal the pearl but she turns on him. Fortunately a voodoo priestess comes to the rescue but she has something special for him that he'll never forget.
7: The Reluctant Vampire
Jul 10, 1991
A vampire is working at a blood bank as a night watchman. However, when the blood seems to be running low the vampire returns to getting blood the old fashion way. When the owner arrives at the vampire's lair he tries to black mail him, but as fate as would have it, the vampire's sexy secretary shows up and knocks him into the vampire's coffin. Some vampire hunters mistake him for the vampire and he gets a wonderful juicy stake.
8: Easel Kill Ya
Jul 17, 1991
Jack is an artist who has a strange talent for painting pictures of corpses. One day he falls for a beautiful girl who tempts him into painting more. Jack turns over a new leaf for his love. One day she is the victim of a hit and run. Jack kills a man outside the hospital to pay for her operation but she dies because the man he killed was the man who was going to perform her operation.
9: Undertaking Palor
Jul 24, 1991
Four boys who have a talent for video taping uncover some weird things at the undertaker's. Soon revenge comes when one the boy's father becomes a victim. They begin video taping the undertaker's evil deeds which he soon discovers in horror.
10: Mournin' Mess
Jul 31, 1991
A regretful reporter is investigating some murders of homeless people. He meets up with a man who is the prime suspect in the murders but when he fails to deliver a story his boss fires him. He then discovers that the new cemetery by a group called Ghouls is the cause for all the deaths in the neighborhood and guess who's the next victim.
11: Split Second
Aug 7, 1991
Dixon is a lumberjack who marries a sexy barmaid named Liz Kelly. Soon after, he turns from sweet Dr. Jekyll into cruel Mr. Hyde. He is jealous of her when the boys find her attractive. One day a new lumberjack comes to town and Liz finds Ted attractive. When he catches them in the bed together, Dixon goes in a jealous rage and whacks him blinding him. The boys help him seek revenge on Dixon and Liz.
12: Deadline
Aug 14, 1991
Charlie Mackenzie is an out of work reporter who wants his life back. One night while at his favorite bar hang out, Charlie meets a beautiful women who seems to turn his life around. He gets his job back, but his boss agrees to rehire him only if Charlie can bring in a murder story soon. One night while at Greek diner he overhears the owner strangle his girlfriend. Charlie interviews him and goes to where the body is, but she is not dead. Charlie discovers that it's his girlfriend Vicky. To make sure the paper's got enough evidence, he strangles her to death but the shock of the murder lands him in a mental hospital inside a padded cell.
13: Spoiled
Aug 21, 1991
Janet is a soap opera loving woman. She likes to watch soaps everyday. She even imitates them. One day she misses the end of her favorite soap opera when the TV goes on the fritz. She decides to get cable soon. Janet finds her self falling for the attractive cable installer. When her Surgeon husband discovers what's going on, he decides to make them part of his experiment.
14: Yellow
Aug 28, 1991
The general is ashamed when he learns that the rumors of the Lt. (who is also his son) being a coward are true. He offers his son a way out of the army if he can take part in one last mission. The Lt. panics and leaves while his comrades are killed by the enemy. His father sentences him to die by firing squad. Fortunately the guns are loaded with blanks, or so he says.
Season 4
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