Season 1
20 EPISODES • 2017
Season 1 of Disjointed was released on August 25 and consists of 20 episodes.


1: Omega Strain
Aug 25, 2017
The employees at Ruth's Alternative Caring marijuana dispensary are passionate about life, love and pot. But mostly pot.
2: Eve's Bush
Aug 25, 2017
After a neighboring business lodges a formal complaint against the dispensary, two of Ruth’s most loyal customers launch a pro-pot protest.
3: Rutherford B. Haze
Aug 25, 2017
Travis and Olivia come to an understanding, Dank and Dabby land an unexpected endorsement, and Carter opens up about his past.
4: Erschreckendglückseligkeit OG
Aug 25, 2017
A legendary pot photographer has Pete in a tizzy. Meanwhile, Ruth has a change of heart about her son's love life.
5: Schrödinger's Pot
Aug 25, 2017
Pete and Doug share a love of candles, Jenny makes a painful phone call, and Travis takes issue with Ruth's Scrabble tactics.
6: Donna Weed
Aug 25, 2017
While attending a funeral for a famed pot activist, Ruth imagines what Travis might say at her memorial when the time comes.
7: Prom Night
Aug 25, 2017
Ruth worries that she could be losing Pete to a rival. Olivia and Carter help Jenny track down a handsome customer.
8: Pyongyang Green
Aug 25, 2017
Carter seeks advice from Ruth, and Jenny comes clean with Pete. Travis brings his new girlfriend to the dispensary, much to Olivia's annoyance.
9: Olivia's S***balls
Aug 25, 2017
Travis impresses Ruth with his business savvy, Olivia introduces a new delicacy to the dispensary, and Pete gets an otherworldly visitor.
10: The Worst
Aug 25, 2017
While Ruth and Travis experience the worst day of their lives, Dank and Dabby come to a short-lived realization.
11: 4/20 Fantasy
Jan 12, 2018
While the gang celebrates 4/20, Ruth helps Olivia with a contract, Pete loses confidence in his growing abilities, and Jenny and Carter share a secret.
12: Helium Dream
Jan 12, 2018
Ruth organizes a talk for women in business headlined by an old friend. The guys bond on the roof. Pete's unusual relationship hits the skids.
13: Buds Lite
Jan 12, 2018
Dank and Dabby seek legal advice from Ruth. Olivia's history as a reluctant viral video star threatens her booming edibles business.
14: Weed of Fortune
Jan 12, 2018
As Ruth valiantly tries to clear Dank and Dabby, the rest of the gang throws a "re-birthday party" for Pete to help him get over his supposed curse.
15: Travissimo Private Reserve
Jan 12, 2018
Carter's relationship with his therapy parrot ruffles Jenny's feathers. Doug crashes Pete's trip to the woods. Dank and Dabby get an intern.
16: B.Y.O.P.F.U.
Jan 12, 2018
Dabby throws a Gatsby party, but Dank isn't into being fancy. Ruth bonds with a new customer and helps Maria see the light.
17: Emperor Shennong
Jan 12, 2018
An investor expresses interest in Olivia's edibles. Meanwhile, Ruth convinces Walter to branch out, and Carter and Doug battle for a parking space.
18: A-A-R-Pot
Jan 12, 2018
Pete's relationship with Biowave takes a turn. Olivia struggles with how to handle Angelo's business proposal. The gang tries painting while high.
19: Dr. Dankerson's Revivifying Wellness Tincture
Jan 12, 2018
Carter's stand-up career gets off to a rocky start. Dank and Dabby pretend to "meet cute." Walter and Ruth have a difficult conversation.
20: Main Street, USA
Jan 12, 2018
Biowave's scheme takes Pete and Doug by surprise. Ruth searches for a way to help Walter. An unexpected visitor throws Jenny for a loop.
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