Season 2
8 EPISODES • 2021
Totally broke and banned from every dungeon in New York City, best friends Tiff and Pete work to rebuild their reputations in the BDSM community.

Season 1


1: The Kinks
Jan 27, 2021
Ten months after their disastrous house call, Tiff and Pete's reputation is still trashed, so they seek help from Tiff's former mentor.
2: Dog Days
Jan 27, 2021
A jealous Tiff accidentally calls Doug her boyfriend. Pete tries to be understanding with Josh — and embraces his submissive side.
3: Personal
Jan 27, 2021
As a test, Mistress Mira sends Tiff and Pete to work with her personal submissive, who enjoys being financially dominated. Doug opens up to Tiff.
4: Threesomes
Jan 27, 2021
Frank gets a job at a gay bar. Thrown together, Tiff and Gina bond. Pete meets Josh's ex — who looks exactly like Pete.
5: Nanci
Jan 27, 2021
With Pete's support, Josh says he's ready to come out to his dad and co-workers. Tiff helps an old classmate conquer her fears.
6: The Lost Egg
Jan 27, 2021
Tiff tells Pete they need to quit working together. Doug's frustrations with Tiff boil over, and Pete prepares to meet Josh's dad.
7: Stand Me Up, Stand Me Down
Jan 27, 2021
Blowups with Tiff and Josh leave Pete feeling crushed. And now he has to do a stand-up set with an agent in the audience.
8: Permission
Jan 27, 2021
As their friendship falters and their paths diverge, Tiff and Pete navigate permission, consent, betrayal — and new opportunities.
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