Season 2
8 EPISODES • 2022
The lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur as Kat contemplates ending her relationship and Jules, craving Rue's affection, ponders hers. Rue pursues a new dangerous business venture as she sinks deep into her addiction, largely caused by her guilt-ridden new friend Eliott. Cassie struggles with her celibacy and starts to drift, while Lexi pours herself into mounting a school play. Nate is in full redemption, trying to redeem the mistakes of his father.

Season 1


1: Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door
Jan 9, 2022
Rue and Jules cross paths for the first time since Christmas as East Highland rings in the new year.
2: Out of Touch
Jan 16, 2022
As the semester kicks off, Jules questions Rue and Elliot's new friendship. While Cal hunts for answers, Nate makes a tough decision. The lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur as Kat ponders her relationship, and Maddy contemplates the decision to end hers.
3: Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys
Jan 23, 2022
Rue pursues a new business venture, Cassie settles into a routine, and Cal finds a target.
4: You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can
Jan 30, 2022
At Maddy’s birthday party, relationships are celebrated and questioned. Meanwhile, Jules turns to Elliot for advice and Cal takes a trip down memory lane.
5: Stand Still Like the Hummingbird
Feb 6, 2022
Fate has a way of catching up with those who try to outrun it.
6: A Thousand Little Trees of Blood
Feb 13, 2022
As relationships with mothers are tested, Rue tries to recover. Meanwhile, Lexi questions the possible backlash from her play, and Nate celebrates his newfound freedom.
7: The Theater and Its Double
Feb 20, 2022
Art imitates life as the East Highland crew watches their complicated dynamics reflected in Lexi's long-awaited play. Meanwhile, Fezco gets ready to attend.
8: All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name
Feb 27, 2022
As the show goes on, fragments of memories collide with the present and future.
Season 3
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