Season 39
Sesame Street
26 EPISODES • 2008
Season 39 of Sesame Street was released on August 11 and consists of 26 episodes.

Season 38


1: The Golden Triangle of Destiny
Aug 11, 2008
Chris welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street, as he serves Telly his lunch: a grilled-cheese sandwich, which is cut into Telly's favorite shape: a triangle. Suddenly, heroic music plays as Minnesota Mel, a swashbuckling hero, makes a swinging entrance. He's on one of his "patented high-stakes adventures," this time in search of the Golden Triangle of Destiny.
2: Telly's New Shoes
Aug 12, 2008
While a hungry customer wonders whether to have the soup or the salad, Chris welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street, and is about to eat a salad of his own, when Abby Cadabby poofs into view, causing the salad to fly out of his hands and land on the customer's head. Abby shows Chris her new shoes that she got from the Shoe Fairy - shoes are special to her because fairies don't usually wear shoes.
3: Sock Chaos at the Laundromat
Aug 13, 2008
At the new Sesame Street laundromat, Chris welcomes the viewer as he does his laundry. He says he loves the noises the washing machines make (singing a variation of "The Wheels on the Bus"), while an Anything Muppet lady disagrees with him. He folds his clothes, then notices he's got one missing sock (all the rest of his socks are in pairs). He wonders where his sock went, when Abby Cadabby poofs into view. He shows her the one sock he has which is missing its match, and she proceeds to show him the trick she was going to show Elmo: her "Two Trick," which involves turning one thing into two.
4: Leela's Sesame Street Video
Aug 14, 2008
Leela welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street, and shows us the new video camera she's using to make a video of her new home, which she wants to show to her parents in India. She aims the camera at the laundromat where she works, and has everyone inside wave at the camera.
5: Firefly Show
Aug 15, 2008
At dusk, Chris welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street as he closes Hooper's Store, and listens to all the nighttime sounds. Telly and Baby Bear pass by him with a net and a jar, and tell him that they're trying to catch fireflies. Chris goes home, and Telly and Baby Bear tell the viewer to help them out by pointing out any fireflies they see. One flies above their head, and they scramble to catch it as they follow it near and far.
6: Max the Magician
Aug 18, 2008
Chris serves snacks to Big Bird, Elmo and Rosita, then welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street. Elmo asks for a banana, to which Chris replies "You just said the magic word!" -- which cues the grand entrance of Max the Magician (Will Arnett), who has some "real" magic tricks to display.
7: Annual Triangle Toss
Aug 20, 2008
Baby Bear welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street, when Telly runs into him, and excitedly tells him (and the viewer) that today is the Triangle Lovers Club's annual Triangle Toss (similar to ring toss). He displays his lucky triangle vest, which is what he claims helps him win every year. When he tries it on, however, he notices it's smaller than it was last year. Baby Bear and Leela help him put it on Telly, and they notice it's such a tight squeeze that he can't move his arms, but that doesn't worry him.
8: Elmo & Zoe's Hat Contest
Aug 22, 2008
Gordon welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street, when Elmo alerts him that today is "Who can wear the most hats on their head" day, and drags him to the courtyard, where an enthusiastic crowd cheers.
9: Telly the Tiebreaker
Sep 22, 2008
Alan serves some customers some drinks and hears arguing outside. Zoe, Rosita and Devon want to put a square on their block tower, while Elmo and Dylan want a circle. Alan solves their problem by having them take a vote. The square gets the most votes, so they put it on top and use the circle as the swimming pool.
10: Curly Bear Chases Birthday Cake
Sep 24, 2008
Today is Baby Bear's birthday, and he's about to celebrate it in the courtyard! Telly arrives with his present, and Baby Bear goes over the plan: first they'll play some party games, then treat themselves to his Mama Bear's special chocolate-porridge cake. This cake is very special to him, and he's worried that his little sister Curly will ruin the cake, so Telly promises to guard Curly from getting her grubby paws on the cake.
11: Big Bird and Snuffy Talent Show
Sep 26, 2008
Big Bird and Snuffy welcome the viewer to Sesame Street, and to the Big Bird and Snuffy Talent Show! They realize that they don't know what a talent show is, so they ask Leela to fill them in. Big Bird and Snuffy agree to have Leela be the first guest on their talent show, but she needs to get to work at the laundromat. Thinking quickly, she decides to juggle an apple and an orange, and Big Bird has her sing the alphabet song while doing so.
12: Number 6 Games
Sep 30, 2008
It’s number 6 day on Sesame Street: A day devoted to the number six and all it’s sixiness! There are going to be games and songs all about the number six. Let the Number 6 Festivities begin!
13: Abby Thinks Oscar is a Prince
Oct 7, 2008
Chris reads Abby Cadabby “The Frog Prince”, which she anxiously waits for the ending of. Chris finishes the story and Abby loves it. As Abby walks down the street, she finds herself amazed that a frog of all things could be an enchanted prince. While Oscar deals with a man with some trash behind her, Abby wonders if some on Sesame Street could be a prince. She sees and Oscar and gets the idea that he may be an enchanted prince!
14: Big Bird's Nest Sale
Oct 2, 2008
Big Bird hangs up a sign for his nest sale and welcomes the viewer. He’s selling toys that he doesn’t play with anymore, and says that all the toys in the nest are for sale, while everything out of the nest isn’t, including Radar. Snuffy arrives at his nest, and Big Bird makes him his “Assistant Nest Sale Snuffleupagus”. Snuffy's only task is to remember what toys are for sale and which are not, especially Radar. Big Bird briefly leaves to get more of his toys from Maria and Luis’s apartment and puts Snuffy in charge, but unbeknownst to him and Snuffy, Big Bird’s tail knocks Radar into the nest when he leaves.
15: Slimey Adopts a Pet Bug
Oct 7, 2008
Gina meets up with Oscar, who’s trying to start up the Sloppy Jalopy, and Slimey, who eagerly bounces up and down in his booster seat. She learns that Oscar is taking Slimey to get his own pet bug, which Gina finds funny. They drive off, leaving Gina in the car exhaust.
16: Elmo Steps In for Super Grover
Oct 8, 2008
Chris welcomes the viewer and meets up with Elmo, whose toy airplane is stuck in the tree. He suggests using a ladder, when all of a sudden, Super Chicken and his assistant, Robin, fall out of the sky. The duo begins to formulate a plan when Super Grover crash lands to save the day!
17: Abby's First Sleepover
Oct 10, 2008
Abby Cadabby sleeps over at Big Bird's nest. Which delays Luis and Maria from dancing.
18: Three Cheers for Us
Oct 13, 2008
Zoe's cheers help Elmo bounce a basketball three times in a row, so he asks if he can be a cheerleader with her. Together, they inspire Telly to master a pogostick trick, and he joins them as well.
19: Sesame Street Bird Games
Oct 20, 2008
Chris and Alan close Hooper’s Store, welcome the viewer and plan on going bowling. However, their plans are put on hold when they hear a fanfare and Big Bird shows up, announcing the “Sesame Street Bird Games” and tells them they’re the judges. A penguin adviser arrives and hands Alan an envelope with the game’s rules. He also gives them their judicial headgear. Alan questions why they must do it and Big Bird points out that it will be fair if non-birds judge the events. The other two contestants arrive (a chicken and a duck), so the games can now commence!
20: Elmo Wants to Be Like Gordon
Oct 22, 2008
Gordon walks out of Hooper’s, says hi to Murray Monster and welcomes the viewer. He continues walking down the street and says hi to Elmo, who thinks Gordon is great. He gets an idea and runs off.
21: Mine-itis on Sesame Street
Oct 24, 2008
Leela plans to have her lunch break with Elmo, when Bert, Grover and Cookie Monster wander by in a trance, chanting “Mine!” and swipe her food one by one. Just then, in a “Sesame Street Nightly News Update”, Brian Williams reports that no one is sharing on Sesame Street. He then continues to interrupt them when they have a question to ask. Leela and Elmo are in disbelief, so they set out to prove people are still sharing.
22: Hurry Up You're Running Out of Time
Oct 29, 2008
Telly plays in a game show hosted by Guy Smiley where he must say the alphabet in a hurry.
23: Maria the Cowgirl
Oct 30, 2008
Elmo walks down the street and welcomes the viewer and he enters Big Bird’s nest area where Abby and Big Bird are waiting. Big Bird alerts Gordon that Elmo has arrived. Big Bird reveals that Gordon is going to read the new “Maria the Cowgirl: The Lonesome Trail” story to them. They explain what a cowgirl is to Abby. Gordon arrives and begins the story.
24: The Cookie Touch
Nov 3, 2008
Chris gives Cookie Monster the last cookie in Hooper’s store and tells him that there will be more tomorrow. Cookie Monster wishes he never had to wait for a cookie again. Just then his Fairy Cookie Person appears and gives him “The Cookie Touch”. Everything he touches will turn into a cookie.
25: The Help-O-Bots
Nov 5, 2008
Chris welcomes the viewer and counts the pies that were just delivered (counting 17 pies total). Elmo, Telly and Rosita rush to him and ask him to read a book to them. Chris begins the book, which is about a helpful robot named Rico who loves to help en la manana (the morning), en la tarde (the afternoon) and en la noche (the night). After the story, Chris goes back to work and remarks a robot like that would be of good use to him, which sparks an idea in the monster’s heads.
26: Baby Bear's New Baby Sitter
Nov 7, 2008
Baby Bear is very excited because Grandmama Bear is coming to baby-sit. They have so much fun together! Just as Baby Bear is telling Gina this, Papa Bear breaks the news that Grandmama is sick and won’t be able to come. Baby Bear’s spirit is crushed. Gina suggests that they ask Gabi to baby-sit. It turns out that Gabi would love to do it. Even though Curly Bear is very excited and doesn’t seem upset at all, Baby Bear feels that his sister might be nervous with a new baby-sitter.
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