Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Season 2

Feb 10, 2019


1: Censorship in China
Feb 10, 2019
After addressing his Saudi Arabia controversy, Hasan highlights censorship in China and how a #MeToo movement has emerged despite government controls.
2: Drug Pricing
Feb 17, 2019
Hasan examines the major players in America's drug industry, and how the prices of life-saving medications like insulin continue to rise unabated.
3: Student Loans
Feb 24, 2019
As millions of Americans struggle with crushing student loan debt, Hasan digs deep to expose the negligent and dishonest practices of loan servicers.
4: Civil Rights Under Trump
Mar 3, 2019
Two years into the Trump administrations, Hasan spotlights how government officials have been quietly and systematically dismantling civil rights.
5: Hip-hop and Streaming
Mar 10, 2019
Hip-hop has already taken over America, but streaming platforms have allowed the genre to transform into a disruptive political force around the world.
6: Indian Elections
Mar 17, 2019
Just before voters head to the polls in India's national election, Hasan explains what's at stake for the world’s largest and most diverse democracy.