Season 2
Prank Encounters
7 EPISODES • 2021
Season 2 of Prank Encounters was released on April 1 and consists of 7 episodes.

Season 1


1: These Walls Can Talk
Apr 1, 2021
Two unsuspecting women contend with creepy residents — both "passed" and present — while preparing a massive mansion to be sold.
2: Missing Missing Link
Apr 1, 2021
Good thing this dangerous prehistoric entity is kept securely frozen in cold storage. If it were to thaw, well, that would be bad. And cue the heat!
3: Spider Mansion
Apr 1, 2021
While working at a seemingly infested home, an exterminator's helper and a personal assistant develop a completely understandable fear of spiders.
4: Mind Field
Apr 1, 2021
Did this inventor really create a device that can read people's minds? Of course not, but don't tell these wide-eyed believers.
5: Mist Demeanor
Apr 1, 2021
A produce sorter and a PR assistant try to stay calm and survive what they think is a deadly fog from another dimension.
6: Re-Face Fears
Apr 1, 2021
In this continuation of a Season 1 episode, an insane surgeon is on the loose as two weary temps watch with dread.
7: Graveyard Shift
Apr 1, 2021
A dark and ominous night. An ancient burial ground. Rumors of mysterious beings. Yep, sounds like the perfect setup for a ghoulish prank.
Season 3
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