Season 2

Season 1

Apr 20, 2018

Frustrated with her thankless office job, Retsuko the Red Panda copes with her daily struggles by belting out death metal karaoke after work.

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1: A Day in the Life of Retsuko
Apr 20, 2018
As Retsuko enters her fifth year at a prestigious trading firm, she struggles to motivate herself everyday as the daily stress from work takes a toll.
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2: A Good, Hard-working Girl
Apr 20, 2018
Tired of her wholesome good-girl persona at work, Retsuko is drawn to the free-spirited lifestyle of her former high school classmate, Puko.
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3: Short-timer
Apr 20, 2018
Retsuko loses the will to tackle the daily grind after Puko asks her to join a new business venture. A fed up Retsuko talks back to her supervisor.
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4: Walking Down the Aisle
Apr 20, 2018
When plans to leave her thankless job fall through, Retsuko continues to work in hopes of some day marrying and becoming a full-time house wife.
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5: Exposed
Apr 20, 2018
The solitary life Retsuko leads is about to change when Director Gori and Washimi take her to a karaoke bar after yoga class.
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6: Stoking Rebellion
Apr 20, 2018
Washimi acknowledges Retsuko's efforts to make things right with Director Ton, using her position as assistant to the president as leverage to help.
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7: The Duel
Apr 20, 2018
After the president cautions Director Ton on his abrasive behavior, his unusually polite demeanor puzzles and frightens his direct reports.
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8: The Out of Pocket Prince
Apr 20, 2018
Persuaded by her colleagues Director Gori and Washimi, a reluctant Retsuko agrees to join a company singles mixer hosted by Tsunoda.
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9: A Rosy World
Apr 20, 2018
Supervisor Tsubone sends Retsuko on an errand to the sales department where she falls for a fellow colleague, Resasuke, whom she met the night before.
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10: The Dream Ends
Apr 20, 2018
A happy but frustrated Retsuko increasingly makes mistakes at work. Meanwhile, a busy quarterly reporting period looms ahead for the accounting team.
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