Season 2
Engineering Girls
5 EPISODES • 2021
Season 2 of Engineering Girls was released on August 27 and consists of 5 episodes.

Season 1


1: C2H6O
Aug 27, 2021
Bored of their mundane lives, the girls plan a drinking party in the hostel. It turns out to be one eventful night with Maggu preparing drinks in the chemistry lab.
2: Lost and Found
Aug 27, 2021
After the epic party night, Maggu goes missing, and her mother calls Sabu to enquire about her. Everyone panics and starts looking around for Maggu, while her mother keeps waiting outside the PTM room.
3: Engineering is Tough, Life is Tougher
Aug 27, 2021
The girls' lives turn upside down as uncertainties keep popping up, only to reveal some ugly truths about their friendship and their relationship with themselves.
4: Perfectly Placed
Aug 27, 2021
It’s the biggest day of their college lives and the last fest of the girls together. Things don’t go as planned, but what happens instead is nothing less than perfect.
5: Bonus Episode: Engineering Ka Bhoot
Aug 27, 2021
A spirit enters the hostel and disrupts the students’ day-to-day activities. Things get interesting when Kiara is suspected to be the one behind the ghostly occurrences.
Season 3
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