Season 2
Human Resources
10 EPISODES • 2023
From one-night stands to office romances, the creatures working at Human Resources have their hands — and claws — full with a new batch of humans.

Season 1


1: The Jizz Mitzvah
Jun 9, 2023
At Montel's coming-of-age ceremony, the young Hormone Monster decides to do things their own way. Lovebug Emmy's new client doesn't believe in love.
2: The Tell-Tale Dick
Jun 9, 2023
Gavin's identical twin brother, Guyvin, unsettles Lionel the Shame Wizard. Logic Rock Pete wants to tell Rochelle how he feels. Hope comes for a visit.
3: Total RePaul
Jun 9, 2023
Dante's severed appendage haunts Pete. Lovebug Walter takes a widowed client on a couples' trip. Gil and Joe exterminate Emmy's crabs — for a bagel.
4: A League of Their Hormone
Jun 9, 2023
The Shame Wizards play an office softball game against the Hormone Monsters. Emmy oversteps with Sarah — and Van. Rochelle and Pete finally connect.
5: Rochelle, Rochelle
Jun 9, 2023
After Pete shares his feelings with Rochelle, Rochelle must decide if she's a Lovebug or a Hate Worm — but her decision may have ripple effects.
6: Paul Me By Your Name
Jun 9, 2023
Walter's boyfriend Simon moves in. Paul feels conflicted about dating after his wife's death. Emmy visits the Memory Bank to dig into Sarah's mom issues.
7: Tony: The Life of an Office Cold
Jun 9, 2023
When a cold spreads around the office, nearly all the employees get sick. But will those infected stay home and stop the spread... or continue working?
8: Pity Party
Jun 9, 2023
Ambition Gremlin Petra helps a young client advocate for himself. Lionel throws a party to compete with Mona. Alice attends a dinner party to see Dev.
9: On the Daughterfront
Jun 9, 2023
Paul asks Sarah to pack up her childhood bedroom, but the old house brings up painful memories. Montel tours potential colleges with their parents.
10: Yipee Ki-Hate, Motherf**ker
Jun 9, 2023
At the office holiday party, the Hate Department shows up uninvited. Can Rochelle be the hero her friends need, or will her passion for hate "Die Hard"?
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