Roman Empire
Season 2

Caligula: The Mad Emperor

Apr 5, 2019

Episode Ratings


1: The Rightful Heir
Apr 5, 2019
After the mysterious death of his popular father, young Caligula grows up in the uncertain shadow of his tyrannical emperor and uncle, Tiberius.
2: A New Hope
Apr 5, 2019
The death of Tiberius vaults Caligula to power as Rome's new emperor, a role at which he initially excels -- until an illness unhinges his mind.
3: In Search of an Heir
Apr 5, 2019
Vulnerable without an heir, Caligula decides to secure the throne with a child of royal blood by embroiling himself in affairs with his three sisters.
4: Descent into Madness
Apr 5, 2019
Caligula's increasing paranoia and debauchery lead to ruinous bloodshed and spending as Rome, the Senate and even former allies turn against him.