Season 2
Find Me in Paris
26 EPISODES • 2019
Season 2 of Find Me in Paris was released on August 16 and consists of 26 episodes.

Season 1


1: Moments Later
Aug 16, 2019
Resuming after the season one cliffhanger, Lena is stuck in the present with Henri, while her modern-day nemesis Thea has been thrown back in time to 1905.
2: New Year, New Rules
Aug 16, 2019
It’s the first day of Second Division, and the group is surprised that Armando’s back to teach permanently.
3: Out of Place
Aug 16, 2019
As Henri fumbles through 2019, it creates distance between he and Lena, so he plans a romantic picnic of the roof, hoping to rekindle their chemistry.
4: Whatever It Takes
Aug 16, 2019
With the announcement of the European Choreographer's Grand Prix, lines are drawn in the sand, when Lena and Ines both vie for the same role.
5: Game On
Aug 16, 2019
Lena’s on a mission to one up Thea by starting her own all-girl hip-hop crew and entering them in Thea’s claim to fame, the TV series “Dance Off”.
6: Unexpected Allies
Aug 16, 2019
During auditions for the European Choreographer’s Grand Prix, Lena is devastated to learn that not only are Ines and Pinky working together behind her back, but also Henri is missing.
7: Close Call
Aug 16, 2019
Lena must put her anger and feelings of betrayal aside and team up with Ines and Pinky to save Henri from time jail.
8: Break a Leg
Aug 16, 2019
When Lena joins Max in a risky dance routine to dazzle Armando, the performance takes an unfortunate turn.
9: Guess Who’s Back
Aug 16, 2019
It's Portal Day and Lex is on a mission to return everyone to their rightful time periods.
10: New Kids On the BLOK
Aug 16, 2019
When Lena learns the BLOKettes yielded a spot on Dance Off, she and Jeff butt heads over leadership.
11: The Takeover
Aug 16, 2019
Lena and Jeff battle it out at a dance challenge to decide who will be the new leader of the BLOK.
12: Ballet Off
Aug 16, 2019
The students travel to Brussels for the European Choreographer's Grand Prix but when Lena leads them to a ballet battle with another school, they all could be expelled.
13: Can’t Beat the Elite
Aug 16, 2019
During the performance for the European Choreographer's Grand Prix, Lex arrives and although Lena tries her best to stop her, Lex is determined to win this round!
14: On the Run
Aug 16, 2019
With Victor’s help, Lena and Thea break out of the Bureau and escape through a portal door and right back into the Garnier.
15: Like Father, Like Son
Aug 16, 2019
As the girls search for the missing timepiece, Armando assigns the students a dance project, which quickly turns into a competition against father and son.
16: Spread the Love
Aug 16, 2019
When Lena agrees to play the Valentine’s Day cupid, she misinterprets her mission – creating confusion and hurt feelings.
17: Who’s the Boss?
Aug 16, 2019
Lena and Jeff’s dance crews both perform in front of the producers of Dance Off, but Thea plays both sides and claims the crews as her own.
18: The Brainy Bunch
Aug 16, 2019
When Lena and Max are partnered for a science fair project, ideas clash and Lena’s left wondering if they are even compatible as a couple.
19: Sabotage
Aug 16, 2019
All the students vie to choreograph the year-end Carte Blanche showcase.
20: Mystery Princess
Aug 16, 2019
After Thea drops out of the BLOK, Lena must create online buzz for the crew in order to stay on Dance Off.
21: Flash Forward
Aug 16, 2019
During Max's auditions for the Carte Blanche showcase, Lena is distracted with trying to get Ines to forgive her for changing the calculations on her time travel science paper.
22: Mutiny at the Garnier
Aug 16, 2019
After Lena learns that only Thea and Isaac have roles in Max’s Carte Blanche, she complains to Gabrielle who splits the performance into two parts between Max and Lena.
23: Lost and Found
Aug 16, 2019
When Lena discovers Henri is in present day, she is livid, because he didn’t reach out and later learns even worse news about Ines.
24: One Last Chance
Aug 16, 2019
With Ines taken by the Bureau, Lena devises a plan to reset all time and decides with nothing to lose, to take the BLOK onto Dance Off.
25: He Knows
Aug 16, 2019
After being expelled for going on Dance Off, Lena tells Max everything about her time travel life and the two redesign the Carte Blanche showcase to have one final spectacular performance together.
26: Going Home
Aug 16, 2019
It’s Portal Day and Lena is ready to reset time after one final showcase with her friends.
Season 3
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