The Last Kids on Earth
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Book 2

Apr 17, 2020

Season 2 of The Last Kids on Earth was released on April 17 and consists of 10 episodes.

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1: Mall Quest
Apr 17, 2020
Fed up with his friends' bickering, Jack hopes a quest to the mall will get the buds back on good terms - because this is going this is getting annoying
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2: Jack the Slayer
Apr 17, 2020
Jack’s attempts to impress his monstrous new pals upsets June, Quint and Dirk, who feel like he’s taking all the credit.
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3: Bestiary Master
Apr 17, 2020
Feeling useless when it comes to the fine art of fighting monsters, Quint sets out to prove himself to his friends.
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4: The Zombie Parade
Apr 17, 2020
While exploring a graveyard, Jack and Quint get emotional — really emotional. Meanwhile, June and Dirk find they have a lot in common. Oh, the horror!
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5: The Thrull of Victory
Apr 17, 2020
While Thrull trains Jack to go after monsters and zombies with a new attitude, Quint and Dirk dig through trash — and June follows a hunch.
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6: Stay on Target
Apr 17, 2020
Quint, Dirk and June are pumped for their up-all-night zombie stakeout. But Jack's running late ... and he's supposed to bring the snacks.
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7: June Gloom
Apr 17, 2020
When the gang visits June's old house, Jack assumes it'll be a fun walk down memory lane. Never assume, Jack. Never assume.
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8: Follow That Butler
Apr 17, 2020
After adding another monster to the bestiary, Jack, June, Quint and Dirk learn a troubling truth: Their work is far from over.
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9: Always Darkest
Apr 17, 2020
Jack's vow to never trust another monster is put to the test. Quint, Dirk and June look to acquire a little — well, actually a lot — of weed killer.
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10: Dawn of Rezzoch
Apr 17, 2020
Quint's been captured, Rezzoch's on a rampage and Jack's got a wish: to put an end to all of this mayhem, once and for all.
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