Season 3
13 Reasons Why
13 EPISODES • 2019
Months after the Spring Fling, Liberty High is hit with a new shock when Bryce Walker is murdered the night of homecoming ... and everyone is a suspect.

Season 2


1: Yeah. I'm the New Girl
Aug 23, 2019
The cops question Clay about Bryce's disappearance. Clay remembers the aftermath of Spring Fling, when he raced to cover Tyler's tracks and met Ani.
2: If You're Breathing, You're a Liar
Aug 23, 2019
After learning about Chloe's pregnancy, Clay and Ani pay her a visit. Chloe recalls how she leaned on Zach for support -- and that Bryce never knew.
3: The Good Person Is Indistinguishable from the Bad
Aug 23, 2019
As the police investigation sets the school on edge, Ani remembers that Jessica confronted Bryce. Growing suspicious of Jess, Ani and Clay follow her.
4: Angry, Young and Man
Aug 23, 2019
After Tyler admits he still has a gun, the group keeps tabs on him at school. But their worry deepens when they learn he had a motive to kill Bryce.
5: Nobody's Clean
Aug 23, 2019
The police search the school after finding steroids in Bryce's car. Alex remembers how Bryce supported Alex after Jessica dumped him.
6: You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves
Aug 23, 2019
The police bring in Tony for questioning. At Bryce's funeral, Ani uncovers two damning secrets.
7: There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen
Aug 23, 2019
The police interrogate Justin and Clay about the night Clay pulled a gun on Bryce. Clay discovers that Ani and Bryce's bond ran deeper than he realized.
8: In High School, Even on a Good Day, It's Hard to Tell Who's on Your Side
Aug 23, 2019
Mr. Porter interviews students about Clay, who pleads his innocence to Mrs. Walker. Learning Porter counseled Bryce, Clay and Ani question his motives.
9: Always Waiting for the Next Bad News
Aug 23, 2019
The cops name Clay as a person of interest in the murder. Ani catches Justin in a lie after learning Bryce bailed him out of a dangerous situation.
10: The World Closing In
Aug 23, 2019
Hannah's mother returns to town. Urging Clay to protect himself, she reveals that there was more to Tony and Bryce's relationship than Clay knew.
11: There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You
Aug 23, 2019
As the cops close in on Clay -- their main suspect -- violent confrontations at the homecoming game expose that everyone had a reason to kill Bryce.
12: And Then the Hurricane Hit
Aug 23, 2019
The pressure of Clay’s arrest leads his friends to make risky decisions, and the full story of the brawl that erupted at homecoming emerges.
13: Let the Dead Bury the Dead
Aug 23, 2019
Clay is released on bail, Ani puts a plan to exonerate him into action, and the truth about Bryce's murder finally comes to light.
Season 4
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