Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Season 1

Jan 1, 2019

Season 1 of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo was released on January 1 and consists of 8 episodes.

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1: Tiddying with Toddlers
Jan 1, 2019
A married couple with two young children find peace as they learn how to pare down playroom clutter, keep the kitchen organized and sort clothes.
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2: Empty Nesters
Jan 1, 2019
Marie helps a retired couple reclaim their space by showing them how cut back on clothing, store Christmas decor and display old family photographs.
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3: The Downsizers
Jan 1, 2019
Marie shows a family living in a cramped apartment how to create temporary storage solutions and make better use of hard-to-reach cabinet space.
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4: Sparking Joy After a Loss
Jan 1, 2019
A grieving widow gets a fresh start as she learns how to properly store her purses, make a memory box and say goodbye to the things she no longer needs.
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5: From Students to Improvements
Jan 1, 2019
Two writers work together to reduce their library, sort through sentimental items and get their cords and electronic gadgets under control.
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6: Breaking Free from a Mountain of Stuff
Jan 1, 2019
Marie teaches a married couple with two children and way too much stuff how to fold scarves, get rid of old toys and tame their garage.
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7: Making Room for Baby
Jan 1, 2019
An expectant couple with their first little one on the way get tips for organizing shoes, folding socks and toppling a mountain of accumulated paper.
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8: When Two (Messes) Become One
Jan 1, 2019
A pair of newlyweds with two dogs corral all their pet items, then learn the magic of using boxes to keep drawers and cabinets tidy.
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