The Family Man

Season 1

Sep 11, 1990

Season 1 of The Family Man was released on September 11 and consists of 22 episodes.


1: Pilot
Sep 11, 1990
Jack is determined to make the kids first day back at school just as their mother would have.
2: Family Day
Sep 15, 1990
Jack tries to bring his family closer together by planning a family day but is disappointed when the kids don't share his enthusiasm.
3: Making Babies
Sep 22, 1990
Allison educates her fellow kindergarten class on the facts of life.
4: Roommates
Sep 29, 1990
Tired of the constant fighting between Steve and Brian, Jack decides to put them in different rooms.
5: Tea for Two
Oct 13, 1990
Jack is concerned that the mother of Allison's friend may be intersted in him.
6: Drive My Car
Oct 27, 1990
Someone dents Jack's treasured Mustang, and he's determined to find the culprit.
7: Torn Between Two Brothers
Nov 3, 1990
Jeff is in love with a gorgeous senior (Marlee Shelton), but she only has eyes for his younger brother - Steve!
8: Fire Break
Nov 10, 1990
Jack decides to transfer to a safer job within the department after a near-fatal accident fighting a fire.
9: The New Guy
Nov 17, 1990
The addition of a gorgeous firewoman to the team throws the guys at the firehouse into chaos.
10: The Coach
Dec 1, 1990
Brian and Jack butt heads over Jack's coaching technique with his Youth League basketball team.
11: Double Date
Jun 10, 1991
Steve finds himself in double trouble when he escort two girls to the spring formal dance.
12: My Little Runaway
Jun 12, 1991
Allison runs away from home to avoid telling her father that she's lost the money she raised selling Buttercup Cookies.
13: Jack and Jill (1)
Jun 17, 1991
Jack has an embarrassing confrontation with an investigative reporter when her cameraman accidentally videotapes Jack stepping out of the shower.
14: Trading Places
Jun 19, 1991
Jack and Steve switch roles as father and son for the weekend after Steve complains that he is made to do all the work while Jack lazes about the house.
15: Jack and Jill (2)
Jun 24, 1991
Jack and television reporter Jill Nichols question their growing romance when he tries to adjust to her snobbish friends and she tries to adjust to the Taylor children.
16: You Bet Your Life
Jun 26, 1991
Jeff and Steve find themselves on the run from the football team after their attempt to make a quick buck running a betting pool goes horribly wrong.
17: Scenes from a Marriage
Jul 1, 1991
Jack and Joe sign up for marriage councelling when they can't agree on the household rules.
18: A Tiny Advantage
Jul 3, 1991
Jack recruits high school senior, Tiny, to join the firehouse squad in order to win the annual fireman's team endurance competition.
19: Throw Momma from the House
Jun 8, 1991
Jack is thrown off-blanace when his mother decides to move in.
20: Father Figure
Jul 10, 1991
Allison is jealous of the time Jack is spending with her friend Patrick.
21: The Boss's Daughter
Jul 17, 1991
To improve his chances for a promotion, Jack escorts his boss's daughter to the theatre, not realizing that her emotional dependency will soon have her clinging to him like a leech.
22: Take My Dad, Please
Jack is jealous of all the time that Brian is spending with his stand-up comedy coach, so he enters an ""Open Microphone"" competition. Steve soon regrets letting Allyson watch a scary movie.