All Hail King Julien
Season 5
Dec 1, 2017
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Season 4
Nov 11, 2016
King Julien and his trusty advisers race to save the kingdom from secret agents, stampeding clones and more -- while keeping the party going strong.
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Season 3
Jun 17, 2016
In Season 3, King Julien has his paws full, as he escapes from pirates, reunites with his parents, meets aliens and, of course, shakes that booty!
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Season 2
Oct 16, 2015
Romance and bromance are in the air in Season 2, as King Julien meets new friends, struts the runway in a diaper and pumps up the jungle party fun.
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Season 1
Dec 19, 2014
Prince Julien becomes king of the lemurs, but he quickly discovers that he has to do more than throw parties if he’s going to be a successful leader.
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