Criminal: UK
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Season 2

Sep 16, 2020

Season 2 of Criminal: UK was released on September 16 and consists of 4 episodes.

Episode Ratings


1: Julia
Sep 16, 2020
Called in one by one on a Sunday, the team risks a legal entanglement when a routine interview with a convicted killer's wife takes a provocative turn.
2: Alex
Sep 16, 2020
With scarce evidence to guide them, the investigators question an arrogant businessman accused of rape by a woman who works for him.
3: Danielle
Sep 16, 2020
Asking increasingly pointed questions, the team tries to crack a zealous defense put forth by the head of an online group that unmasks sexual predators.
4: Sandeep
Sep 16, 2020
Confronted with a shrewd convicted killer wanting to cut a deal, the investigators gamble on calling in a disgraced former colleague to help.