Rabbids Invasion
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Season 3

Aug 9, 2016

Season 3 of Rabbids Invasion was released on August 9 and consists of 78 episodes.


1: Being Rabbid – Part 3
Aug 9, 2016
Gina's brain is swapped with a Rabbid's, and John accidentally sends her to the junkyard, where she meets Lapinibernatus.
2: Rabbidzzzzzz
Aug 23, 2016
The Rabbids keep Lapinibernatus from napping.
3: Odd Rabbid Out
Aug 27, 2016
Lapinibernatus tries to get his time traveling device back from the Rabbids.
4: Rabbid on Repeat
Aug 27, 2016
After the Rabbids repeatedly keep crushing a gift for Lapinibernatus, he uses his time traveling device to go back and try to open his gift before it gets destroyed again.
5: Rabbid Real Estate Rampage
Aug 27, 2016
A builder traps all the Rabbids and Lapinibernatus so he can build a house on the Rabbids' junkyard, and Lapinibernatus needs to be free before his time machine runs out of time.
6: Checkpoint Rabbid
Aug 27, 2016
In order to work on his time machine, Lapinibernatus sets up a checkpoint to keep the other Rabbids at bay.
7: Rabbidus Carnivorous
Aug 27, 2016
A Rabbid uses the time machine to get some eggs and accidentally brings back carnivor plant eggs.
8: Rabbid Theory
Aug 28, 2016
John the scientist picks up Lapinibernatus as a test subject.
9: Rabbid on Film
Aug 28, 2016
The Rabbids try to make their own blockbuster movie.
10: Bubble-Wrap Rabbid
Aug 28, 2016
Lapinibernatus creates a bubble device to keep the other Rabbids out.
11: Lost Ball Rabbids
Aug 28, 2016
The Rabbids accidentally hit a ball over a fence.
12: Rabbid Knights
Aug 28, 2016
Two Rabbids go back into the medieval ages.
13: Rabbid Assistants
Sep 3, 2016
Professor Mad Rabbid and his assistant hunt for donuts.
14: Rabbid Soundtrack
Sep 3, 2016
A Rabbid discovers a pair of headphones.
15: Rabbid Quiz
Sep 3, 2016
The Rabbids take over a TV game show.
16: Team Rabbid
Sep 3, 2016
Lapinibernatus is forced to join a Rabbid sports team.
17: Gorilla Rabbid
Sep 10, 2016
Professor Mad Rabbid accidentally turns his assistant into a giant.
18: Rabbid Mate
Sep 10, 2016
Lapinibernatus and a group of Rabbids battle over control of a robot.
19: Rabbid Tribe
Sep 10, 2016
A Rabbid goes back in time and encounters a mysterious Rabbid tribe.
20: Mona Rabbida
Sep 10, 2016
A Rabbid goes back in time and falls in love with the Mona Lisa painting.
21: Animal Rabbid
Sep 17, 2016
Professor Mad Rabbid tries to quiet his assistant down with a potion, but he accidentally made his assistant speak in animal sounds.
22: Rabbid Nightmare
Sep 17, 2016
Zak and his grandma head to the woods for a camping trip.
23: Rabbid Re-Freeze
Sep 17, 2016
Lapinibernatus accidentally gets frozen again.
24: Rabbid on Trial
Sep 24, 2016
Lapinibernatus falls victim to the Rabbid justice system.
25: Rabbid Twin
Sep 24, 2016
Professor Mad Rabbid clones his assistant.
26: Voodoo Rabbid
Sep 24, 2016
The Rabbids learn to harness the power of voodoo dolls.
27: Flying Rabbids
Sep 24, 2016
A Rabbid tries to learn how to fly in order to impress his crush.
28: Rabbidbowl – Part 1
Sep 25, 2016
Lapinibernatus puts together a team for the Rabbid Bowl.
29: Rabbidbowl – Part 2
Sep 25, 2016
The Rabbids continue their Rabbid Bowl.
30: Rabbids at the Edge of the World
Oct 16, 2016
A pair of hungry Rabbids stumble upon the scientists' frozen research station.
31: Biker Rabbids
Jan 2, 2017
Lapinibernatus joins a biker gang.
32: Helpful Rabbid
Jan 4, 2017
A Rabbid intends to be a helpful assistant.
33: Rabbid Handcuffs
Jan 7, 2017
Lapinibernatus gets handcuffed to a police Rabbid.
34: Heroic Rabbids
Jan 21, 2017
Professor Mad Rabbid makes a potion that turns him into a villain mastermind.
35: Radioactive Rabbid
Jan 21, 2017
Professor Mad Rabbid's assistant accidentally swallows plutonium.
36: An Alien Amongst the Rabbids
Jan 28, 2017
An alien comes to the junkyard looking for a spacecraft.
37: Teleportarabbids
Jan 28, 2017
A Rabbid discovers a teleporting television.
38: Rabbid Ahoy
Feb 4, 2017
The Rabbids dress as pirates and take to the high seas.
39: Rabbid Fishing
Feb 6, 2017
The Rabbids try to revive a frozen fish by throwing him back in the ocean.
40: Rabbid Dad
Feb 8, 2017
A Rabbid trains a baby penguin to surf.
41: The March of the Rabbids
Feb 9, 2017
Mini Rabbid gets mistaken for a baby penguin.
42: Rabbid Charming
Feb 13, 2017
Two Rabbids attempt to build a castle out of ice blocks.
43: Rabbid 000 vs. The Penguins
Feb 14, 2017
The evil mastermind Rabbid thinks he has got 000 right where he wants him.
44: Rabbid Penguin
Feb 15, 2017
The tables turn when a Rabbid transforms into a penguin.
45: Rabbid Power
Feb 16, 2017
John thinks he can use the Rabbids' love of pretzels to power up the research station.
46: Bowling Rabbid
Feb 17, 2017
Rabbids mistake a group of penguins as bowling pins.
47: Customer Service Rabbid
Feb 18, 2017
When a rabbid cannot reach a donut, he calls for help.
48: Rabbid Epidemic
Feb 18, 2017
A nurse rabbid, obsessed with treating everything around him, finds himself in the arctic research station.
49: Rabbid Treasure
Feb 19, 2017
An adventurous Rabbid goes on a quest.
50: Rabbid Santa
Feb 20, 2017
A Rabbid pretends to be Santa Claus.
51: Snow Rabbid
Feb 20, 2017
A Rabbid yearns to scare his buddies.
52: Egg-ceptional Rabbid
Mar 2, 2017
A Rabbid tries to get a penguin a new egg.
53: Rabbid Countdown
Mar 16, 2017
A kitten gets trapped in the teleporter.
54: Time Travel Rabbids
Mar 16, 2017
Two Rabbids use the time machine as a tourist attraction.
55: Excalirabbid
Mar 17, 2017
Professor Mad Rabbid accidentally sends his multipurpose plunger to the middle ages.
56: Freezing Rabbid – Part 1
May 26, 2017
Werewolf Rabbid gets transported to the scientists' research lab.
57: Freezing Rabbid – Part 2
May 26, 2017
John tries to face up to Werewolf Rabbid.
58: Rabbid Heatwave – Part 1
Jun 23, 2017
The Rabbids transport icebergs to the junkyard due to a heatwave.
59: Rabbid Heatwave – Part 2
Jun 23, 2017
Due to a misunderstanding, all the humans (except Zak) believe the Rabbids are heroes and treat them with respect.
60: Rabbid Wheel
Sep 2, 2017
The rabbids step back in time to when man first discovers the wheel.
61: Rabbid Toothbrush
Sep 2, 2017
A rabbid on a cleaning spree goes back to the prehistoric era.
62: Copycat Rabbid
Sep 2, 2017
Copycat Rabbid is propelled into prehistoric times along with a rearview mirror.
63: Neat Freak Rabbid
Sep 2, 2017
A rabbid who is obsessed with cleaning goes back in time to help clean up the prehistoric era.
64: Tricycle Rabbid
Sep 9, 2017
The rabbids take a tricycle back to prehistoric times.
65: Rabbindigestion
Sep 9, 2017
Two Rabbids get separated in the prehistoric era.
66: A Cro-magnon Among the Rabbids
Sep 9, 2017
Some Rabbids come across a caveman.
67: Nanny Rabbid
Sep 9, 2017
The Rabbids bring a baby to the prehistoric era.
68: Defibrillator Rabbid
Sep 16, 2017
A rabbid finds himself transported back to prehistoric times and becomes a hero thanks to his machine.
69: Rabbid Enlightment
Sep 16, 2017
A Rabbid teaches the caveman family how to live in modern times.
70: Between a Rabbid and a Hard Place
Sep 16, 2017
A Rabbid angers the dodoraptor by taking its egg.
71: Rabbid Breakdown
Sep 23, 2017
Professor Mad Rabbid and his assistant get stuck in time.
72: Rabbid Park
Sep 23, 2017
A Rabbid brings the dodoraptor back to the junkyard.
73: Safety Rabbid
Sep 23, 2017
A rabbid goes back to the stone age.
74: Rabbid Cruise
Sep 30, 2017
The Rabbids accidentally take an old lady back to the prehistoric times.
75: Spit-Roast Rabbid
Sep 30, 2017
A Rabbid tries to escape the hungry caveman family.
76: Dr. Mad Rabbid's Daughter
Sep 30, 2017
Professor Mad Rabbid tries to get his doll back from Alice.
77: Rabbid Little Brother
Oct 7, 2017
A Rabbid becomes the caveman daughter's little brother.
78: Super Rabbid vs. Super Penguins
Oct 21, 2017
One of the super Rabbids gets kicked out of the trio and then starts his own super team.