45 RPM

Season 1

Mar 18, 2019

Season 1 of 45 RPM was released on March 18 and consists of 13 episodes.

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1: Futura
Mar 18, 2019
Music producer Guillermo Rojas discovers talented rock singer Robert, and teams up with his assistant Maribel to launch a new sub-label, Futura.
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2: The License
Mar 25, 2019
Robert auditions for a license to perform professionally, but Guillermo's past interferes. Maribel learns her new friend's devastating secret.
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3: The Single
Apr 1, 2019
When Guillermo struggles to find a studio to record Robert's new single, Maribel comes to the rescue with an unorthodox idea. Ignacio makes a decision.
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4: The Campaign
Apr 8, 2019
Maribel and Robert start to feel a deeper connection just as the singer's career begins to take off. Guillermo's past mistakes catch up with him.
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5: The Album
Apr 15, 2019
A slew of challenges vex the team as they try to record Robert's new album, and Maribel is faced with both sexism at work and lies at home.
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6: The Concert
Apr 22, 2019
Maribel runs point as Robert prepares for his important concert at the Price, but an unexpected lawsuit involving Ignacio puts all of Golden in peril.
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7: The Movie
Apr 29, 2019
Sparks fly when Robert is cast in a movie opposite a famous actress. Maribel anxiously awaits medical results. Zabala worries about Golden's future.
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8: The Tour
May 9, 2019
Before Robert and his band tour Spain, Vidal tells the singer to fake a relationship with Fanny. Guillermo helps Zabala with his fleeing artists.
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9: The Premiere
May 16, 2019
Vidal instructs Robert and Fanny to keep lying about being in love to promote their film, but the press catches wind of Robert's romance with Maribel.
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10: The Debut
May 23, 2019
Ignacio is arrested with no hope of release, unless Robert performs at a military party. Maribel hires an assistant. Guillermo spends time with his son.
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11: The Offer
May 23, 2019
A tragic death leaves Golden's future uncertain, so Guillermo and Zabala scramble to raise money to save it. Robert is offered a record deal in London.
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12: The Competition
May 31, 2019
Robert feels cornered when the government requests he enter a singing competition to represent Franco's regime. √Āngeles and Guillermo reminisce.
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13: The Last Song
May 31, 2019
After the news of Robert's illness breaks, Guillermo and Maribel organize a farewell concert in his honor. Meanwhile, Robert plans his own surprise.
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