Season 1

Apr 20, 2018

Season 1 of Smoking was released on April 20 and consists of 12 episodes.


1: Episode 1
Apr 20, 2018
Group leader Uncle Sabe obtains credible information that their next target, former yakuza member Sarukawa, may be hiding out deep in the mountains.
2: Episode 2
Apr 27, 2018
Hifumin and Goro take a severely injured man in to their makeshift home. Uncle Sabe is kidnapped after refusing to work for a sadistic yakuza boss.
3: Episode 3
May 4, 2018
Uncle Sabe's old friend Matsudo asks for help rescuing his elderly older brother from the criminally-run rest home he's been residing in.
4: Episode 4
May 11, 2018
Hifumin, frustrated with being physically inferior to the other guys, asks for Goro's help when he sees his friend being abused by his step-father.
5: Episode 5
May 18, 2018
The crew is hired to eliminate a thieving yakuza member, but Haccho hesitates when he finds the man hiding out with his innocent, young daughter.
6: Episode 6
May 25, 2018
A concerned Matsudo informs Uncle Sabe that psychotic killer Nodoguro has escaped prison with assistance from The Cleaner.
7: Episode 7
Jun 1, 2018
Sunaji, chairman of the organization known as The Cleaner, asks Sabe to come back to them. Goro takes a liking to Minami, a bento store employee.
8: Episode 8
Jun 8, 2018
A young man asks Uncle Sabe to kill his boss, Hitoe Shiwasu, who happens to be a former Smoking client. Haccho is sent out to investigate further.
9: Episode 9
Jun 15, 2018
With Minami missing, Kenuma lures Goro to an undisclosed location. Meanwhile, the other members recall Goro's turbulent past.
10: Episode 10
Jun 22, 2018
Uncle Sabe asks Sunaji where Goro is. Kenuma tries to pit the Smoking crew against one another by revealing Sabe's dark past.
11: Episode 11
Jun 29, 2018
After tragedy strikes, Uncle Sabe announces he is disbanding the crew. He opens up about his past ties with Sunaji and The Cleaner.
12: Episode 12
Jul 6, 2018
Learning that Kenuma has abducted one of his crew, Uncle Sabe heads to The Cleaner's hideout, determined to bring an end to it all.