Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories
Season 2

Season 1

Oct 21, 2016

Season 1 of Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories was released on October 21 and consists of 10 episodes.

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1: Tan Men
Oct 21, 2016
A specially prepared bowl of tanmen noodles leads a radio announcer to discover a secret about a beloved television show from his youth.
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2: Corn Dog
Oct 28, 2016
A childish fight over a fish-sausage corn dog leads to a schism between an Asakusa comedian and his now-famous former assistant.
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3: Tonteki
Nov 4, 2016
An office worker who loves pork steaks knits sweaters for the men she adores, but her affections – and handiwork – are not always appreciated.
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4: Omelette Rice
Nov 11, 2016
The shared love of fried rice omelets forms an intercultural bridge between a young Japanese physicist and a Korean girl.
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5: Egg Tofu
Nov 18, 2016
A lonely little boy with only a gambler to take care of him hopes to make a connection with a bar girl over a mutual appreciation for egg tofu.
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6: Umeboshi and Plum Wine
Nov 25, 2016
Upon finishing the last of his late mother's pickled plums, a man suddenly wonders what will become of his erotica after he passes away.
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7: Hot Pot for One
Dec 2, 2016
A diner regular reunites with an old classmate who, despite a good upbringing, now works a menial job to support her troublesome nephew.
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8: Sautéed Yam
Dec 9, 2016
A dish of sauteed Chinese yam rekindles the connection between a young wife and her former lover, with whom she shares a hidden professional past.
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9: Ham Cutlet
Dec 16, 2016
A breaded ham cutlet brings back an elderly lawyer's memories of playing the board game Othello with his long-lost younger brother.
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10: New Year's Eve Noodles, Again
Dec 23, 2016
As December comes to a close and the regulars gather at the diner, the Master takes a look back at his memories of the year.
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