Season 1
8 EPISODES • 2018
Season 1 of Tidelands was released on December 14 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Home
Dec 14, 2018
After a 10-year prison sentence, Calliope "Cal" McTeer returns home to Orphelin Bay, where her brother Augie is dealing with a fisherman's murder.
2: Orphans of L'Attente
Dec 14, 2018
Cal's near-drowning is noticed by the Tidelanders -- and by Corey. Adrielle gives Lamar and Dylan orders, while Rosa tries to tie up a loose end.
3: Not One of You
Dec 14, 2018
Bill's revelation leaves Cal reeling. Lamar and Violca continue to spy on Adrielle, who wants a prophecy she can trust and more money -- quickly.
4: Don't Trust Humans
Dec 14, 2018
Adrielle grants Cal permission to stay at L'Attente. Augie grows desperate to find a new buyer who isn't Gregori. The constables discover a corpse.
5: The Calling
Dec 14, 2018
Violca gives Colton some shocking news, while Adrielle consults an expert to decipher the new shard. Cal confronts Dylan about his actions.
6: Loyalty
Dec 14, 2018
With Augie on the run from his crew, Cal returns to town, where Corey tells her the truth about what happened 10 years ago, which Rosa corroborates.
7: The Prophecy
Dec 14, 2018
Tensions rise as Adrielle finalizes her deal with Gregori. When Bill tells her about the shards and his past, Cal vows to challenge the queen.
8: The Queen's Knife
Dec 14, 2018
After Corey's revelation at the morgue, Cal realizes she holds a crucial piece of the puzzle. With Augie in danger, she has only one choice.
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