Season 2
Mary Portas: Secret Shopper
4 EPISODES • 2015
A second series of the show where Mary Portas is the secret shopper helping failing businesses and their customers too

Season 1


1: Hallmark Foods
Feb 24, 2015
The retail guru works with four businesses to help improve the quality of their customer service. At a family-run convenience store in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, she's shocked to see how staff behave when they don't know they're being filmed. Too much clowning around means out-of-date food is being left on the shelves, so Mary takes supervisor Dean and his team to a Michelin-starred restaurant to show them how to work well together. She also wants owner Keshu to rethink the products he stocks and give his savvy daughter Ash more responsibility.
2: Godfreys
Mar 3, 2015
The retail guru heads to the Suffolk seaside town of Lowestoft to take on her biggest challenge yet. She's working with Godfreys, a family-run department store that customers are deserting, resulting in a dire financial situation. Owner Jim has shared management duties between his stepchildren Laura and David, but with a massive overdraft, the store's future is in doubt. Determined to turn the staff into product-knowledge experts, Mary organises a trip to Spitalfields Market and devises a customer-service test in an attempt to give the team the confidence they need.
3: Diosa
Mar 10, 2015
Mary Portas heads to south-east London, and London Fashion Week, to help Gemma get her struggling clothes boutique Diosa back on track selling urban fashion to young women
4: Aylesbury
Mar 17, 2015
Mary takes on a struggling car dealership in Aylesbury, urging the blokes who run it to undergo a culture change to appeal equally to women and men
Season 3
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