Season 3
The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants
13 EPISODES • 2019
Season 3 of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants was released on July 19 and consists of 13 episodes.

Season 2


1: Captain Underpants and the Worrisome Wedge of the Water Warmongers
Jul 19, 2019
Harold and George can't wait to spend the summer together at camp. But not so fast, boys -- your old nemesis Mr. Krupp has a most unpleasant surprise.
2: Captain Underpants and the Angry Abnormal Atrocities of the Astute Animal Aggressors
Jul 19, 2019
Stuck in separate camps, Harold and George unleash a hyperintelligent talking possum to scare the pants off of Krupp. What could possibly go wrong?
3: Captain Underpants and the Abysmal Altercation of the Abominable Altitooth
Jul 19, 2019
Eager to get the campers out of his hair, Krupp orders them to climb Plummet Peak, where a terrifying creature is rumored to reside.
4: Captain Underpants and the Bizarre Bout of the Beastly Barfilisk
Jul 19, 2019
Harold and George don't ask for much -- just a fun scavenger hunt that doesn't include doing Krupp's errands. Careful what you wish for, fellas.
5: Captain Underpants and the Monstrous Mayhem of the Massive Melviathan
Jul 19, 2019
A run-of-the-mill arts and crafts session turns into an interdimensional adventure from which Harold, George and company may never return.
6: Captain Underpants and the Savage Spite of the Slimy Salamangler
Jul 19, 2019
Krupp's campers take on rich rivals in a hoity-toity boat race that also features a revenge-obsessed giant salamander. Paging Captain Underpants!
7: Captain Underpants and the Cunning Combat of the Covert Camoflush
Jul 19, 2019
The campers' splat-tastic game of paintball is rather rudely interrupted by a foul and formidable fiend known only as Camoflush.
8: Captain Underpants and the Bad Beat of the Blah Borelock
Jul 19, 2019
With fun in short supply, Harold and George persuade Krupp to dump the campers in the middle of the forest so they can learn to rough it.
9: Captain Underpants and the Ghastly Danger of the Ghost Dentist
Jul 19, 2019
The pressure's on Harold and George to tell the scariest campfire story ever. Perhaps their tale of an ill-fated frontier dentist will do the trick.
10: Captain Underpants and the Confounding Concoction of the Crooked Combotato
Jul 19, 2019
A fierce game of plot potato takes an unexpected twist when Melvin
11: Captain Underpants and the Ludicrous Lunacy of the Loopy Laserlightmare
Jul 19, 2019
Despite being terrible at the job, Krupp wants to be the camp director again next summer. That's something Harold and George simply cannot abide.
12: Captain Underpants and the Shocking Showdown of the Staggering Sugamechanger
Jul 19, 2019
It's parents' weekend at Lake Summer Camp, and Krupp's eager to make amends with Harold and George ... or so he says.
13: Captain Underpants and the Polarizing Plight of the Pitiless Poopetrators
Jul 19, 2019
George and Harold want Cash Networth to buy the camp and fire Krupp. But before he'll agree to pony up the dough, Cash has a small request of his own.
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