Season 1
7 EPISODES • 2019
Season 1 of Diagnosis was released on August 16 and consists of 7 episodes.


1: Detective Work
Aug 16, 2019
The once-athletic Angel, 23, suffers from episodes of muscle pain so severe she often can't move. As she begins a nursing career, she needs answers.
2: Second Opinions
Aug 16, 2019
The parents of bright and charming, Sadie, 7, seek alternatives to the devastating brain procedure doctors propose to treat her frequent seizures.
3: The Wisdom of the Crowd
Aug 16, 2019
Day by day, Willie, 46, loses pieces of himself. He has memory loss, seizures, mood sings, a brain lesion -- but no diagnosis. Can the crowd help?
4: Looking for a Village
Aug 16, 2019
Six-year-old Kamiyah suddenly and briefly go limp dozens -- sometimes hundreds -- of times a day. Now the search is on to find others like her.
5: A Question of Trust
Aug 16, 2019
Lashay, 17, can't hold anything down that she eats or drinks. But negative interactions with previous doctors leave her family leery of the crowd's advice.
6: Déjà Vu
Aug 16, 2019
Matt, 20, experiences fainting spells that stop his heart, each one preceded by a sense of déjà vu. But is the issue with his heart -- or his head?
7: Paralyzed
Aug 16, 2019
Two very different people are desperate for a diagnosis to their unexplained paralysis: textbook "good patient" Joe, 61, and more skeptical Ann, 44.
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