Workin' Moms
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Season 5

Feb 16, 2021

Season 5 of Workin' Moms was released on February 16 and consists of 10 episodes.

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1: The Carlsons Move to Calgary
Feb 16, 2021
The Carlsons make the move, but it's not exactly what Lionel promised. Alice meets a cute boy at her new school. Kate and the gang fly out for a visit, and they discover Anne has made some questionable new friends.
2: Mama Mia Meatboy
Feb 23, 2021
Kate feels the pressure to land a major new client. Anne is torn between hanging on to her ambition and succumbing to the rhythm of life as a Cochrane mom. With Bianca away, Frankie buys Rhoda a strange new pet.
3: Pleasure Yourself
Mar 2, 2021
Kate walks further into the lioness' den with Sloane. Anne starts her new job. Alice gets closer with her new boyfriend. Jenny discovers her secret office romance with MCP might not be exactly what she expected.
4: A Rat, Girl
Mar 9, 2021
In a high-pressure moment, Kate pitches an idea that isn't hers to give. Anne's publication dreams may finally come true; a new opportunity leads Frankie to expand her business. Jenny confronts her man about what he really wants.
5: Mother Knows Breast
Mar 16, 2021
A quick fix at work leaves Kate in the rat trap. Anne struggles to keep her temper in check as she promotes her book. Val learns her nest isn't as empty as she thought. Frankie realizes her new employees are a mixed bag.
6: Finger in the Butt
Mar 23, 2021
Anne's explosive television debut puts Kate's loyalty to the test. Frankie falls into a funk after a disaster at work. Jenny realizes her feelings for MCP might run deeper than she thought.
7: Launch Pad to Trash Hole
Mar 30, 2021
After a wake-up call from Sloane, Kate adjusts her priorities. Frankie realizes she's responsible for a recent workplace tragedy. Needing a break from Kate, Anne hides out at Val's.
8: Punch Dad
Apr 6, 2021
Anne is blind-sided by a controversial viral video starring Lionel. Kate faces collateral damage from her indulgent behavior. Frankie goes on a mission to right her wrongs.
9: Blue Angel
Apr 13, 2021
Kate starts to question Sloane's ethics. Anne enrolls Alice in a new school.
10: Fack
Apr 13, 2021
To protect what matters most, Kate makes a dramatic sacrifice. Settling back into her life in Toronto, Anne learns the fate of her book. Jenny's lies catch up to her.