Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Season 1

Jul 30, 2015

First love, first job, first kiss or first, you know, something. There's nothing like the first day of camp, 1981-style.

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1: Campers Arrive
Jul 31, 2015
It's the first morning at Camp Firewood, and the horny counselors are already making their moves, while something sinister is going on in the woods.
2: Lunch
Jul 31, 2015
Journalist Lindsey goes undercover as a counselor. Beth and Greg make a startling discovery. Coop has his hands full with Kevin and Donna.
3: Activities
Jul 31, 2015
Tensions rise after Blake sees Andy hitting on Katie. Beth goes to an unlikely source for help. Coop is crushed when Donna gives out multiple gifts.
4: Auditions
Jul 31, 2015
Claude helps Susie find new leads for the musical. Gail tries to discover the truth about Jonas. The Falcon lands.
5: Dinner
Jul 31, 2015
Susie, Claude, Andy and Katie get closer during the evening meal. Jonas overreacts when Victor crank-calls him. Beth and Greg hire a lawyer.
6: Electro/City
Jul 31, 2015
Lives change dramatically during the performance of the staff musical "Electro-City." Greg and Beth's lawsuit goes to trial.
7: Staff Party
Jul 31, 2015
Victor and Coop discover that sex is a lot more complicated than they thought. Lindsey has to file her article. Andy and Katie have a moment of truth.
8: Day Is Done
Jul 31, 2015
While Beth and Gene fight to save the camp from government forces, Andy and the other counselors take on their Camp Tiger Claw rivals.