Season 1
Behind the Mask
10 EPISODES • 2013
Season 1 of Behind the Mask was released on October 29 and consists of 10 episodes.


1: Meet the Mascots
Oct 29, 2013
Go inside the lives of some of the most colorful, unusual stars of the sports world: the mascots. Follow real-life mascots from the NBA, minor league hockey, college, and high school.
2: Don't Give Up
Oct 29, 2013
Kevin works to overcome an injury as the Bucks’ season begins, while Michael works up the courage to ask a cheerleader to the homecoming dance. Jersey tries to rally a crowd in 100-degree heat.
3: The Magic of being a Mascot
Oct 29, 2013
Kevin corrals his kids into a “Bango Family” skit, as Jersey pulls out all the stops for UNLV’s basketball season opener. Chad finds performing out of the suit is more difficult than he thought.
4: Going For It
Oct 29, 2013
Kevin goes all out for 90’s Night, as Jersey rehearses with the Rebel Girls dance team and Michael brings his mascot moves to the homecoming dance.
5: Expect the Unexpected
Oct 29, 2013
Kevin frightens unsuspecting fans in an inflatable Bango costume, as Chad heads to an away game in enemy territory. Jersey organizes a mascot basketball game, and Michael meets a surprise guest while supporting the bowling team.
6: You have to lose sometimes
Oct 29, 2013
Jersey holds auditions to find the next Hey Reb, as Chad takes a gig at a local country club. Michael channels the holiday spirit by decorating Rooty with Christmas lights.
7: In it to Win it
Oct 29, 2013
Michael wrestles another mascot, as Jersey bungles a golf tournament in San Diego and Kevin turns up the heat at a cooking competition.
8: Performing Under Pressure
Oct 29, 2013
An injury threatens Kevin’s season and Jersey faces the end of his college mascot career during his last home basketball game.
9: Turning Points
Oct 29, 2013
Kevin pushes through an injury for a game against the Lakers. Jersey gears up for graduation, and Michael looks for the perfect summer job.
10: Goodbye for Now
Oct 29, 2013
Kevin makes a final decision on his career. Chad decides to pursue his pro mascot dreams. Jersey faces the future after graduation and Michael marks the end of the school year with a special ceremony.
Season 2
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