Up to Speed

Season 1

Aug 9, 2012

Season 1 of Up to Speed was released on August 9 and consists of 6 episodes.


1: San Francisco: A City Shaped by Earthquakes
Aug 9, 2012
Speed takes us on a tour of renowned objects in San Francisco – a city shaped by earthquakes that makes a point of attacking the status quo and appreciating the beauty in the unexpected.
2: Chicago: To Conjure a Lost Neighborhood
Aug 16, 2012
Speed spends a day steeped in the history of working class Chicago – a city of blue collar labor constantly fighting back against the status quo of their corporate overlords.
3: Kansas & Missouri: In the Middle of the Middle of the Midwest
Aug 23, 2012
Speed explores the idea of borders and boundaries in Lawrence, Kansas – a city straddling the line between opposing sides during the American Civil War.
4: Virginia: The Many Flavors of Thomas Jefferson
Aug 30, 2012
Speed sifts through the many flavors of Thomas Jefferson in Monticello and the University of Virginia – two historic landmarks representing the many sides of America’s most complicated founding father.
5: New York City: The Beauty of Randomness
Sep 5, 2012
Speed wanders through the chaos of New York City – a metropolitan hub teeming with simultaneous bouts of randomness and synchronicity.
6: The Tour Guide Convention
Sep 13, 2012
Speed goes on adventures with other tour guides across the country.