RocketJump: The Show

Season 1

Dec 2, 2015

Season 1 of RocketJump: The Show was released on December 2 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: High Plains Drifter
Dec 2, 2015
Meet Matt, Freddie, & the rest of the RocketJump crew as they film a western horserace in the style of the Fast & the Furious. That is, if they can deal with unpredictable horses, experimental cameras, and the most dangerous stunts they've ever attempted.
2: Fan Friction
Dec 2, 2015
Freddie & Matt bring on a new director for a sci-fi action short. Will Ashley be able to conquer her anxiety and get through one of the most stressful shoots in RocketJump history?
3: Truck Flipper V Bus Puncher
Dec 9, 2015
The Rocketjump crew is known for performing huge stunts on small budgets, but when Matt and Freddie decide to flip a full-sized school bus, the team worries if they've bitten off more than they can chew.
4: Freddie's Vlog
Dec 16, 2015
5: Doorgy
Dec 23, 2015
After numerous cancellations and false starts, the RocketJump team finally has a script for their penultimate episode. The only problem: it's a wacky, gonzo comedy and the slated director, Dez, signed up to direct a horror short.
6: Jess's Big Date
Dec 30, 2015
New director Clinton Jones is young, eager, and talented. Will he be able to come into his own? Or will his desire to do everything by himself be too much?
7: Keep Off the Grass
Jan 5, 2016
Matt comes up with the single most bonkers, VFX-heavy short Rocketjump has ever produced. Unfortunately, it'll be a real pain in the ass to shoot -- can he convince the rest of the team to love the idea as much as he does?
8: Tip Jar
Jan 12, 2016
Matt and Freddie come together for their final short. A silent film in the vein of Chaplin and Keaton, it'll take the entire RocketJump crew to nail the final shot: a three minute, highly technical one take.