The Awesomes
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Season 2

Aug 4, 2014

Season 2 of The Awesomes was released on August 4 and consists of 10 episodes.


1: Hotwire's Funeral
Aug 4, 2014
Prock must come to terms with the death of Hotwire while also chasing a new superhero vigilante, Metal Fella. Dr. Malocchio’s son, Malocchio Jr., follows in his father’s footsteps and tries to destroy The Awesomes.
2: People vs. Perfect Man
Aug 4, 2014
When government liaison Joyce Mandrake accuses Perfect Man of treason, Prock reluctantly agrees to serve as his defense attorney.
3: Destination Deading
Aug 11, 2014
The team battles hotel surcharges, tiresome conversations, and a poorly planned reception during a trip to Catalina Island for Muscleman’s sister’s wedding.
4: Tim Goes to School
Aug 18, 2014
The Awesomes follow Tim back to school when the government mandates that all superheroes under the age of 18 receive a high school diploma. Tim struggles with bullies until he reveals his super powers.
5: The Awesomes Awesome Show
Aug 25, 2014
Lola Gold (Kate McKinnon), a TV producer, entices The Awesomes to boost their profile by starring in their own reality show; inevitably Prock and the gang get caught up in the sensational drama.
6: MadeMan
Sep 1, 2014
Gadget Gal longs for people her own age to relate to, so she starts a bridge club for former teammates. Impresario faces his toughest challenge when his mom starts dating Mademan, an older superhero.
7: Secret Santa
Sep 8, 2014
Prock and the team stumble onto a holiday conspiracy when reports of little kids robbing stores leads them to the North Pole, where they discover that their ringleader is none other than Santa Claus!
8: Euro-Awesomes
Sep 15, 2014
The theft of a deadly weapon takes the team across the Atlantic; Metal Fella reveals true identity.
9: Day of Awesomes, Part 1
Sep 22, 2014
The Awesomes are celebrated with a revival of "The Day of Awesomes"; a parade goes horribly wrong.
10: Day of Awesomes, Part 2
Sep 29, 2014
Mr. Awesome tries to infuse Dr. Malocchio with the power of good; Prock tries to stop Malocchio Jr.